BV or Cabas Mezzo?

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  1. I see all the people modeling the BH and BV in the clubhouse thread and it looks huge on them but when I saw it irl it looked quite small. I tried to stick my clip board into the BV and about an inch was sticking up over the top. Is it that everyone here is petit or am I just big? :p I'm only 5'5".

    So the advantages of the Mezzo is that is has a zip top, and that it holds more. The disadvantage is the vachetta bottom which can get stained and may make the bag heavier.

    The advantages of the BV are that I like those two buckles on the sides and it has more style than the mezzo and no vachetta bottom and its probably lighter. The disadvantages are the open top and that it doesn't hold as much.

    I'm looking for something that I can carry in the summer that I can put a light jacket in. Right now my Speedy 30 is the only bag I have that can hold my jacket with plenty of room to spare. I need something that I can put over my shoulder though.

    For those of you who have both, which do u like better?
  2. I think if you get the BV and you when you carry it, it kind of closes at the top..if this makes sense...cuz I had a Coach back that was open at the top like the BV but when I carried it was always closed.

    I like I dunno...
  3. I like the BV, not the BH. ;)
  4. haha..yeah sorry...I totally read your post wrong hence I totally changed my bad! hahaha
  5. I love the Mezzo. I've set my bag on floors (I made sure there wasn't and blatant gross-ness there first) and carried it in the rain and it still looks great, despite the vachetta bottom.
  6. out of the two, i vote for the cabas mezzo.
    have you considered damier totes --less worry and still beautiful!
  7. cabas mezzo
  8. I'm more of a Cabas Mezzo fan.
  9. i don't like vachetta i'd pick i don't like the shape of the cabas mezzo..

    u might want to try both on and see which one looks nicer on u!
  10. I vote, Mezzo!
  11. was never a fan of the BV. I love my cabas mezzo, it holds a lot I especially love it for school or overnighters. cm was one of my first LV's so I didn't know about vachetta and I didn't really care so now it's just one of my knock around bags.
  12. I like the cabas mezzo.
  13. I vote for the Mezzo! I have one, and I love it. I just made the mistake of placing it gum, and it got stuck on the bottom, man that sucked so bad. But I still love my Mezzo, and the Vachetta is bound to get stained, you just gotta take good care of it. It's worth it, trust me.
  14. Thanks for your replies everyone! I actually expected most people to say BV!

    And I've already tried both of them on.
  15. ooh.. i prefer the BV hands down.. Not really a cabas mezzo fan.