BV Online SALE!!!

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  1. Just to let you guys know, there's a pink (peony?) ball bag up on Bluefly for 1500. Remember to use shop 337 to get another 20% off!

    The color is gorgeous, and it's the first ball bag I've seen on Bluefly. I hope someone from tPF gets it!
  2. Here is the onfo that I get from Ana regarding the TOTE.

    "This bag is available FULL PRICE in the following colors:

    Noce (hazelnut brown)
    Magnolia (light pink)

    ON SALE:

    Off white (as shown)
    Quarzo (bright pink) "
  3. Thanks for the info. I checked it out and saw that the long keychain in quartzo is on sale. I have that chain in several colors - I can find my keys in my bag!
    Called my SA at BV and ordered it with her. It will be perfect with the quartzo tote I had ordered at the presale!
  4. Yay for sale prices! I ordered the Parma woven zip coin purse/card case with chain detailing for $199. Can't resist those small items and I love Parma.
  5. yay! I ordered the same thing.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that if you check under accessories, there are items on sale that are not listed in the sale section! Cosmetic bags, for example.
  7. Wah... Even though I can't order anything, looking through the sale section is still so fun!

    boxermom and doubtfulguest, please post pics when you receive your Parma accessories!!
  8. Went to the sale today. They actually had a lot of nice pieces on sale. But a lot of them sold out very fast. I wanted to get the metallic green wallet, but a lady was already holding the last one in her hand. The women's section was quite a mess. I felt like I was in the produce section of a grocery store :lol:. There were lots of purses/bags, key rings, coin purses, cosmetic bags, wallets, and shoes.

    I picked up some pieces:

    Parma key ring
    Limo intrecciato lambskin Ebano stitched coin purse
    Green Ostrich passport holder (from S/S 06) :yahoo:
    Army Sardegna canvas tote bag
    Army Roma loafer
    Army Panama pants
    Army Embroidered cotton T-shirt
    Limo pin-point cotton shirt

    Waiting to get by mail:

    Metallic trifoglio chevre french wallet

    Also, I was shocked to see some women's croc bag ON SALE. :shocked:
  9. uclaboi, wow, you struck big time!!! Peektures peektures. Just so we could live vicariously through you.
  10. OMG uclaboi you hit gold!!! I can't wait to see all the pics!!

    I"m on my toes waiting for Fedex to deliver the return magnolia bag back to Ana so I can shop the sale too! I have her looking for a snakeskin wallet in poudre and a parma flap for the summer. Should arrive with her today...I just can't wait!

    Oh how I wish a BV was located in the DC area so I could shop the shoes, clothes and fun smaller bits more easily!