BV Online SALE!!!

  1. Guys and Girls!

    Last time I checked on, they had already set up a "SALE" section unter the Shop Online Link.

    It didn`t work yet, but I advise all of you American BV-Lovers (unfortunately they won`t ship to us European BV-Cravers :crybaby:) to check back.

    Maybe it`s the same as the NM-Sale-Link, they had a link working only for their customers who got it by e-mail durig pre-sale time and maybe it´ll work by June 6th.

    Anyways happy sales shopping though! And keep us updated on what you could grab!
  2. I just checked and it doesnt work for me either. :hysteric:
  3. I think it would be accessible by everyone (maybe it only starts working on June 6) as I remember browsing through the previous end season sale on the website few months back.
  4. Hmmh, maybe we should wait and see what happens on June 6
  5. It's working right now!!
  6. the link just works for me.. but not many bags.. take a look laaa :nuts:
  7. The sale link works now, have fun!
  8. ^^^ Sorry, didn't refresh, and didn't think that three of us would find this and post it at the same time? Do we seem desperate?
  9. Could someone post the link!
  10. I just had a look - and I would love to have that tote..... but no online shopping for Europeans... plus the custom fees would be unreal. hoping that sales here will be good....
  11. I was going to post the news myself, but apparently some fellow TpF are faster than me.. =)

    Have fun !!
  12. time for me to go browse!
  13. Hi !.. I'm interested in the TOTE.
    But, I don't remember the NOCE color. I've tried looking for some pictures in this forum. - No luck so far.

    Can you guys help me by pointing the location of the pics of bottega bag in NOCE? - the website's pics make it looks cream grayish color.
    Thanks !!
  14. Never mind... I think I know which one is NOCE.

    It's the light brown color.