BV on TV

  1. Just wanted to give you ladies a heads up: judging by the previews, Brooke Shield's character will carry a cabat in tonight's episode of Lipstick Jungle. It looked like maybe it was even that illusive silver color from a few years ago, or maybe one of the new ossidato ones? :drool:
    Anyhow, keep your eyes open, and if I'm wrong, nevermind... :p

    And to follow up on the discussion of bottegas spotted on Cashmere Mafia, in last week's episode Juliet carried the green veneta we'd previously only seen in the shot of her closet. You can see it cleary in the scene toward the episode where the ladies are all strutting up the hallway to go to her divorce lawyer's office. It wasn't a regular veneta though, it had some sort of perforated floral design on it.
  2. ^It was one of the Marquise Venetas! But it somehow looked lighter than the one we spotted in her closet which actually lookd like Regent to me.

    I so prefer CM`s fashion to Lipstick Jungle`s! Pat Field just knows how to nail it!
  3. I prefer everything about CM to Lipstick Jungle. I'm only going to watch Lipstick Jungle tonight for the cabat. Watch me be totally wrong :lol:
  4. ^Haha, we BV fans are a crazy little bunch, aren`t we?

    You`re right, LJ doesn`t even come close to CM in any terms.
  5. I must admit that I watch these shows mostly to look at the fashion. I've got the Tivo set to record, so I'll be sure to check it out!
  6. What kind of Cabat was Brooke Shields carrying? It looked like the new oxidized version but then again it looked as if it had a plaid pattern. Totally weird.

    All the other bags were not too stunning, either.
  7. ahhh, can you believe that after all my hyping, my dvr screwed up and didn't start recording it on time?!? I realized it about 10 minutes in, but of course the cabat appeared right in the beginning.

    anyhow, just watched it online and it's really hard to tell claus but I also think it's the ossidato cabat, the silver version.

    when I get home tonight I'll attempt to make some screen shots.
  8. Ooh I just saw that does kinda look like the ossidato but I believe it's only being made as ossidato platino...ugh...I watched it on youtube...just wish there is a better picture somewhere
  9. Hmm...I just capped some shots and some of it looks like the brass/iron lizard cabat...not sure though :confused1:

    lipstick.jpg lip 4.jpg lip 3.jpg lip 2.jpg
  10. Because I've been finding distractions to avoid studying...:p I'm so bad...
  11. It's the ossidato platino Barcelona Cabat! :drool: foxie-pooh, when are you getting yours so that I can drool more...?
  12. :s I wish I you know if it's in store already? Last time I spoke to someone, I was told that it'll come in 2 or 3 months...and it was back in late Jan...I wish it can be here by March though