BV on The RealReal

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  1. It looks from some other threads on tPF that the RealReal is not favored as a purse source since their photos tend not to show the features needed for authentication, such as inside labels and close-ups of hardware. Do any of you have tips/thoughts on buying from this site? Should I just avoid it? (Not saying their wares are not legitimate, but that the photos don't provide the info our gracious authenticators here need.)
  2. The RealReal is as good a site as any. If you find something you're interested in, follow the authentication procedure and we'll see what we can do. No worries!
  3. The RealReal doesn't give much info on their bags but also they don't allow returns. That's a big No for me.
  4. I'm kind of new but kind of not! I participated and collected Coach for so long and then I briefly adored Bottega and thought that I had fallen in love with LV.... well I'm back. Bottega has been good to me but I found myself upset by the wear that I think happens way too fast. I'd have an item for two months and it would look like years! I plan to surf around and get tips on how to maintain the awesome color and the shoulder strap. I just purchased this ponza belly from the Real Real. I've owned several belly bags and sold them. I've also owned cervos and sold them. I'm collecting back now. Sharing with you today!! It's an old bag I'm sure someone has already shared this bag, but it's new to me! IMG_1481414367.589804.jpg IMG_1481414384.399441.jpg IMG_1481414398.828216.jpg IMG_1481414411.717624.jpg
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  5. Lovely. An Opera Mini Ponza Belly :smile:
    Be sure to post it in the Reference Library for posterity.

    Prices on The RealReal make me weep uncontrollably. :lol:
  6. Will do my love thank you!
  7. Gorgeous BV Bag!! :heart::heart:
  8. Thank you!! You know I just ordered another one- the new Veneta and I have to say love the bag. Not too excited about the Real Real which is hit or miss for me. Lots of things NOT mentioned in the auctions like ink, dirt, and mainly crap on the inside of the purse. I'm finding the descriptions and pictures are vague. Not looking for new but perhaps it can be cleaned before shipping. Anyone else have this experience?
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