BV on sale at Neiman Marcus Scottsdale...

  1. I am not too familiar with BV bags, but I wanted to let you girls know that NM Scottsdale, AZ had a sale going on and their were many BV bags on the sale tables, some partially woven soofffftttttt leather, marked down to $294 from almost $900.00. Nothing was wrong with any of them. go. call.
  2. Now that's a mark down! lol
  3. :drool: What a great price! By any chance did the bags look like this? It's the only style that I can find that is partially woven that's anywhere close to $900.
  4. Arghh, why does this never happen in the NM stores I visit??? What a deal!
  5. I wish I can go to the sale at NM :sad:
  6. Ooh, I was just there last week and they had Gorgeous ones!!! I wonder if those are the ones they put on sale!!! *tries to fit time in her schedule and her budget for a trip to NM*
  7. I was there on Saturday morning and I didn't see any BV on sale???? How on earth did I miss this? I did a quick run thru of the sale handbags and also stopped by the BV section and looked at the bags there:confused1:
  8. Doesn't it always happen like this?
  9. Wow! That's a fabulous sale. My best friend lives down there- maybe I'll send her on a fact finding mission for me...:happydance:
  10. Dear God!
  11. Went to my Neiman's here on Mich Ave today, and they said the designer sale starts on Thursday. I didn't get too much info from the SA about what would be on sale cause I knew I wasn't going to buy, but I did find out that the large continental wallet in magnolia and a woven knot bag would both be 1/3 off. They also have the large veneta in magnolia--imagine that will be discounted as well. I don't think the standard colors will be marked down.