BV on sale at NAP

  1. Check out their U.S. site....a few Bottega items added! Good luck to all and keep us updated with your goodies.
  2. what is NAP? I'm always up for drooling at more BV items!
  3. The veneta is Limo
  4. Is it a medium or large veneta? look like a medium one, but the price is the large one?
  5. Its the large by measurements and also by price (pre the latest increase).
  6. Just checked again and its sold out!
  7. Yeah... it's gone now... who's the lucky shopper?
  8. Hi there - I just bought the Roma in Old Petra and Limo Veneta on NAP b/c i've been eyeing them for months - I'm going to decide which one to keep and which one to return. If I end up not keeping the Limo Veneta, I'll let you guys know when I return it so you can grab it quickly!

  9. Wow... congrats writetoshirley.. please post pics when you received it...
  10. :cursing:My favorite knot clutch is $700 off. And me out of money...My heart hurts!
  11. oh oh sorry - I had never heard it revered to as NAP before! thanks!
  12. thanks for the heads-up! there are some pretty good prices :nuts:
  13. The way my companies firewall is configured I can't get to the US site, only the UK.:cursing: