BV on NM and Bergdorf's website

  1. Hi all BV experts! There is a dk brown woven bag on the Bergdorf and Neimans website that they are advertising as a Ball hobo. But it looks like the campana to me -- can anybody verify? Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I've noticed that too - they're not as hip as we are about style names! Yes, if they send the bag in the pic it should be the medium Campana. :yes:
  3. i am pretty sure it's a campana. maybe they have put the wrong bag there by accident.
  4. Ohhh thanks for posting. I wonder if any of the NM stores have black. I'm sad that Saks did not order the black campana.
  5. Looks like a Campana. NM/Bergdorfs tend to have a lot of incorrect names and descriptions in my experience. I've often seen them put the wrong dimensions for a bag.
  6. Thanks for all your input! If I decide to order I will have to talk to a rep.
    Another question, do any of you own this in ebano? How versatile is that color? I am trying to decide between this and the camel color being sold on the Saks website... Thanks!
  7. I'm partial to ebano because I think that it is a color that BV does much better than most other designers. There are a lot of nice camel bags by other designers, but I find it hard to find a brown as stunning as BV's ebano.
  8. I would definitely go with ebano - a true classic. :heart:
  9. I would also go with the ebano in a Campana as shown - it's a beautiful and versatile bag. :smile:
  10. Ditto on the ebano. It is a velvety color and should take everyday wear just fine! The camel looks beautiful too, but I have only seen it in pictures.
  11. Okay, hope I don't get flamed, but I went for the beige campana on bluefly, not ebano - because somebody posted a 20% off coupon in the steals and deals. It is the beige color: here is a link:

    Apparently this one is an inch-and-a-half smaller than the one at Saks. I'm not sure if I want a smaller one, but the coupon made such a dent in the price... :shrugs: what could I do?
  12. oh that's lovely and great price! I love the camel. I've seen it at Saks and it's stunning :heart: