BV on Bluefly???

  1. I saw a lot of styles that are still in the department stores...don't get it really. So buy at Bluefly than at Sak's? Not getting it...

  2. 35% off with promo code at Bluefly- no access to big department stores so all my buying is mail order.
  3. Popping in from the Hermes forum (and also as a BV lover :smile:) careful with Bluefly:shrugs:. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them years for years, and then 2 years ago placed a few orders for "multiple" items with the intent of finding one that fit (and returning the others). Hard to tell what will work out when ordering online, until you get it and see for yourself, right? Anyway, I returned the items that didn't work out and kept the ones that did. Apparently, that put me over the "she-returned-too-many-items-this-year-so-we're-going-to-blacklist-her" limit, despite the items I had kept. Next time I tried to order they told me that because I had returned a bunch of items (unused, unworn, within 2 days, etc), I could no longer order. :cursing:

    I have no issues with return policies, per se, but I was never notified of this policy, nor was it on the website, nor did I receive any emails informing me of my new "non-status". In the end, it's not a big deal to me since I've subsequently heard "rumors" of them selling fakes.

    So be careful....especially when ordering multiples of items knowing that you intend to return some.
  4. WingNut, thanks for the heads up about bluefly's return policies. I was somewhat disturbed by your experience with bluefly. I don't think it is unusual for people to buy several things with the intention of returning some of the order. I do this quite often with AnnTaylor and AnnTaylorLoft since I have a hard time determining if something will fit correctly or look good on me until I try it on.
  5. jll9 - yeah, hopefully others won't experience the same thing. I mean, I wasn't egregious in the amount of stuff I returned, no more than with any other e-tailer (Shopbop, eluxury, blaec, etc)'s hit or miss when ordering online, and ESPECIALLY when ordering online you can't be sure how something will look/fit until you get it. It isn't as though they offered free return shipping either, so......I remain puzzled as to how they intend to stay in business with their policy :shrugs:
  6. If the security tag isn't removed - then you can return for any reason, right?
  7. AFAIK, and for 90 days.
  8. Wingnut - good to know. I've returned several things that didn't fit from there. So far no problem.

    I wonder if Neimans will ever black list me. I've returned more than I've kept. Its hard when ordering online. The sizes vary so much from each designer.

    I've heard of Nordies blacklisting, does Neimans or Saks?
  9. Everytime I try to order from Bluefly I get an email a few days after purchase telling me my item turned out to be out of stock. What a bummer!! :sad: