BV Offer for Susan Komen's Month

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  1. Dear my TPFers,

    I went to BV boutique in SF yesterday and the SA told me that during October Breast Cancer month, BV has the following special:
    If one donates minimum $65 or more, you will get 20% off every purchase (excludes classic).
    If you are interested, feel free to contact Mike (SA in SF).
    Thought I share this.

    Btw, lots of nice stuff in BV. I got to see Teal Veneta IRL..It's gorgeous. Deep blue/green-ish :cool: and one other thing that stood out is the Shadow Veneta Velour. It looks like silvery with some snow flakes in it. Of course, the Gainsboro Cervo Perlato with Ayer wallet is beautiful too. Sigh...
    I tried on the cross messenger bag (aka small pillow bag as the SA called it). I like it a lot. Still thinking which color. :smile:

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Isn't Gainsborough lovely? When I saw it in person I nearly bought it (a large envelope clluutch.).
  3. Indeed. Especially Gainsborough with Ayers :smile: I am still thinking about it.
  4. A very cool offer to consider - thanks for posting!
  5. What a great offer!!

    Singapore hardly have such promotions, or perhaps i wasn't aware.

    Was asking the SA the other day and it seems they no longer do sales in our local boutiques :sad: