BV NYC Fall 2018 Meet-Up

  1. Hey BVettes, a group of us have been chatting about a meet-up in NYC in September. What a great opportunity to meet our East Coast friends and to visit the new flagship boutique. We haven’t set dates yet. In looking at the calendar, the last week of September looks great. If we include a Sunday, September can join us. Please let us know your thoughts.
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  2. Error
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  3. My only thought
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  4. Me me me
    I’m in
    I could do Monday if Sunday doesn’t work out
  5. Sunday is "perfect" for me.. WOW!!
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  6. I'm interested. Last week of September should have nice weather.
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  7. Hint hint hint
    My birthday is the 3rd week of September
    Hint hint hint
    Meeting everyone would be a great present
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  8. Great birthday gift for you

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  9. Minimom it would be great if you came too
  10. Maybe so, I’ve got a United voucher I could use.
  11. Olala
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  12. Hi y’all, in looking at the schedules for the three of us coming from CA, September 30th works best for the meet-up. We are coordinating that date with other plans in NYC.
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  13. Terrific.. So looking forward to meeting you all
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  14. I put it on my calendar
    It will be a long summer
    But something wonderful to look forward to
  15. Special indeed!!!
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