BV Novice looking for some advice

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a Veneta lately. I've been thinking about getting it in Violet or Noce, and since the violet's no longer available(at least i can't seem to find it anywhere), Noce's my only choice.

    So that brings me to the sizing question. Should I get it in Medium or Large? Can anyone please share some pictures of them carrying the bags over their shoulder? I've been looking through the pictures on this forum, and sometimes medium seem big enough and sometimes they seem so small....I'm a bit confused.

    Also, how close is Noce to these sandals? They're DVF and I absolutely adore them and I know I'll be wearing them all summer!

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  2. I think the noce will compliment your sandals. I prefer the large veneta. I'm 5-2 but well padded and the medium looks out of proportion when I have it on my shoulder. It looks fine hand carried but I generally put my bags on my shoulder. The large was more proportional. It also accommodated my stuff better with a little room to spare. The medium was full with a wallet, checkbook, cell phone, kleenex, cosmetic case and one other small case for odds and ends. Hope this helps. Sorry I don't have pics.
  3. i think it really depends on how tall you are and whether u are a big bag or small bag kind of girl? and LLANeedle is right about the amount of stuff you carry around determining the size of your bag. i have a large veneta but i don't carry much so i'm thinking of getting my next veneta in the medium. go to the modelling thread to check out our wonderful tPFers and their beautiful BVs!!!!!
  4. LLANeedle--Thank you:smile: I'm 5'6"(5'9" with heel:smile: size 2 so I think the Medium might be right. There were 2 'brown/tan' color on Bluefly last I checked, one's 'camel' and one's 'walnut/brown' I think and I couldn't tell if any of them were 'noce' or simply something different.

    and for those who's familiar with Balenciaga, First is too small for me right now, and City's pretty close to the size I like the best

    jeshika--Thank you:smile: I did check out the BV Action thread and it's quite helpful!
  5. I can't offer much help here, except that I love my Work, and have a Large Veneta, cos I'm a big bag girl.

    I'm sure someone with a City and a Medium Veneta will be able to chip in with more useful information!
  6. chriseve, what Bluefly calls walnut is noce.