BV newbie questions?

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  2. That is a really GORG bag:smile:

    If you read some of the other newbie threads posted (I am a newbie too), you will read that with light bags like this one the only thing you have to be careful with is the colour transfer off dark materials on to the BV ie with jeans, and dark shirts if colour runs.
    Just a heads up :smile:
  3. I have seen that style and here is the rub. The zig-zag detail is made with a metal chain. It catches on everything, and snags clothes. It is such a pretty bag.
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    hmmm i didnt realize that was metal...neat !
  5. thanks girls i'll post pic when i get it :P
  6. An SA talked me out of a braided keychain that was edged in the metal because it might scratch my wallet inside my bag.