BV Newbie Needs Help

  1. After wondering around and doing a lot of research, I have decided to invest in a Bottega Veneta bag. Now, I have come to the sub-forum for a little help. I am looking for something to use as a work/everday bag but I am unsure if items made of such soft leather, which Bottega Veneta is famous for and the reason I want to make a purchase, will be durable enough for everday wear. I am good to my bags but there have been occasions where I have been too tired to properly store away an item in its dust bag after coming home from work. How does the brand rate with customer service and repairs, etc? Are there items that are more durable than others, i.e. should I purchase something entirely made from the braided leather or choose another style?

    In summation, I am looking for a great weekend and work bag that I will treat with care but do not want to invest in something that cannot withstand my normal activites( 9-5 desk job, weekend mornings at a museum, chruch, library or shopping center). If you can recommend a style or a retailer in/near Maryland, it would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. BV's soft Nappa leather is very light, but surprisingly strong. It actually holds up quite well. They also use deerskin that is very durable, yet pliable, not stiff at all. I think a woven style would be fine for your lifestyle and that's what BV is known for.

    Look at the website, then make a trip to a store that carries BV. I don't know where in MD you are, but I think all Neiman Marcus stores carry BV. I think all Saks stores do also. You could make a trip to the DC area/Tyson's.
    Try different styles on to see what is comfortable on you. Do you like bags that have compartments or one big space inside? Will you want to carry it on your arm or shoulder or want the option of either?

    If you haven't settled on a style yet, the members here own so many different styles, you will get plenty of suggestions.

    Good luck and have fun!
  3. luxurylife, you have come to the right place! This forum is a wealth of information on all things BV! I am the biggest fan of wearing BV bags for everyday use. I initially worried about how the soft leather would hold up to my everyday life, but happily after 6 months of use, there is only darkening on the undersides of the handles. My woven bag has brushed against its fair share of concrete, brick walls, rough surfaces; no scratches or fraying to be seen. The only sign of real wear is that it is much slouchier than when it was new, but that's really quite alright with me! For your first BV, most would say go for the veneta, as it is the classic style. But I agree with boxermom that you have to try these styles on in person. Some bags look great in pictures but are different actually worn, and vice versa. Also, most of the hobo type bags get softer and slouchier after some time, so a bag that seems too stiff and awkward may change after it's worn. Good luck with your search, and as always, be sure to take pictures!
  4. I can only chime in with the other posters. BV leather has proves itself more durable than I had ever thought.

    Plus, customer service is celebrated ne plus ultra at BV. So if there should ever be any inconvenience with your bag, you can always have it conditioned at a BV store!
  5. Welcome Luxurygal84. I use my BV's everyday with no problem. I'm in Maryland too!
  6. luxurygal84 BV is definitely a everyday bag! looks like we can have a MD/VA/DC meet possibly someday :nuts:
    I would say a Roma is a pretty good choice for you. It hold a great deal and is causal for the weekend too. Or veneta would be a fabulous choice too as well.
    I would actually look for the style and try it on in a store either Chevy Chase Saks or Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus. However, you should consider buying off of a BV store to save tax. I actually get most of mine in BV Atlantic City Store and the manager Nicole is very sweet and is willing to go an extra mile for you.
    BV sale is starting very soon and you should call and see what's available. Many bags are going up to 50% off. Good luck and welcome to the BV subforum! ;)
  7. Hello Luxury Girl. BV is definately an every day bag and very versatile and hardy. My bags live in the desert but regularly make trips to Europe where they get rained on and then come back home where they sit in the sunshine and they are fine.
  8. Hi, Luxurygal84

    I am new too...
  9. Luxurygal, I think it would be wonderful if you could make a trip to your local BV stockist and try some of the different styles on. I'm sure that you will find one that you love! BTW I replied back to your query on repairs in my thread:tup:
  10. Thanks everyone for your help...I think that I am close to making a decision! I am thinking about a Veneta but need to see it IRL...Are the sales annual, semi-annual? Which bags are included?
  11. The sales are semiannual, but I'd be surprised if you find any venetas unless it's in a really seasonal color or special design (like the chain venetas or the cutout design with canvas inset from last year's resort collection). But, you never know what you will find at Saks or NM, or bluefly.