BV newbie: Is BV very high maintenance???

  1. I was in Paris yesterday and checked out the BV stand in le Printemps and just fell in love with the large campana in black the leather was just wonderful and the bag just the right size but the SA said it was rather high maintenance...I do have 3 kids 2 preeteen and a toddler ... what do you think?
  2. I'm not sure why the SA would say that. They really don't need much care other than normal being careful of things that could scratch or mark any leather handbag. Most BV SA's say not to apply any protectant, but many people do. The leather holds up very well and gets softer with time. They are so well-made that I don't consider them to be high-maintenance at all.

    The Campana is a wonderful bag and one of the dark colors would be perfect for you.
  3. Hi Catcat! Nice to see you over here! I don't know why the SA would say that either. The dark colors are very easy to take care of and are not as high maintenance as the Balenciaga moto bays. (In my own opinion)
  4. Prolly cos of the untreated nappa leather, which is super soft, so one might feel the need to baby their BV bags more? But then I'm always very conscious of my bags anyway, so I don't feel that my BV requires more care than my other bags.
  5. Definitely not, at least not on the dark colours ..... I initially thought the lighter colours would be, but my experience with my lighter BV proved otherwise..... a black Campana would take wear and tear well I would say....

    You have a good eye (like me ;), I love the Campana).... the Campana is a beautiful bag and I would say, absolutely spell Class and a very very appropriate all-day all-year bag.
  6. Thanks lady's I was kind of puzzeled usually SA's try to "sell" their merchandise and I was a bid surprised by her comment thinking that if she said so then it must be true.
  7. I have a large campana and 2 kids (8yrs and 5 yrs) I love it, it's my fave bag, just don't carry any sippy cups in it cause of the light suede lining. But what the hell even if you ruin the lining BV can change it for £100-£150.
  8. definitely not high maintenance at all-however, the light one will darken substanially. My bianco veneta is more limo now :smile:
  9. U're kidding right, catabie? It can't be that bad, can it?

  10. i dont take good care of it and i am terribly bad with white bags. i have had it for 3-4 years and had used it extensively. while vacationing in asia last year it was my major bag-so i guess the air quality is asia is really whom to blame for.
  11. How about light color? Is it easy to stain? I want to get a camel color one. Should I put protecting spray on the bag? Please help.
  12. ^ I have the Camel Campana. It's no harder to maintain like any non-black bags. I was told not to put any protectant on it and so far, my BVs (Limo included) are holding up well.
  13. What that the camel I saw yesterday? It looks brand new!
  14. No, that's the Limo (taupey grey) and I've had it since early this year and it's the most well used of my BVs. :tup:
  15. Wow you must really take good care of your bags! It really looks fresh.