BV Montaigne limited edition leopard print

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  1. **************/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/bottega-veneta-leopard-print-montaigne-limited-edition.jpgI don't know if anyone is interested in this bag. My SA at NM will very likely have one deeply discounted tomorrow. Please let me know. Original is 5500.00.
  2. sorry, I tried to attach pic to earlier post. I hope I can this time! bottega-veneta-leopard-print-montaigne-limited-edition.jpg
  3. I'm crying inside... having paid full price in August - but I will just have to focus on the fact that I wasn't willing to risk not getting it in the hopes that I would be able to eventually find one on sale. Hope someone here gets it!!!
  4. WOW! That is one gorgeous bag!
    BookerMoose you have been able to enjoy her all these months and that beauty could have easliy soldout...