BV & MJ Sales!

  1. I posted these in the respective MJ and BV forums, but thought I'd also post in this section in case anyone misses them in the sub-forums--hope that's ok...

    A store in Vegas that sells authentic BV, MJ and other designer bags has a couple bags for 50% off!

    MJ Sales

    They had the Debbie Sweet Punk Hobo in black and in white. I believe it was marked down to $900 from $1800.

    They also had another variation of the Sweet Punk line, that was sorta "LV Speedy-esque" with longer straps--I think it's the Sid... They had those also in black and in white.

    BV Sales

    On their 50% off table, they also had BV hobos from the chain/wave line. It's the "classic" BV hobo but with a chain detail in a wave pattern on the bag.

    I remember that there were a black and chocolate brown hobos in the medium size and one white one in the large size. I didn't check the prices closely, but it's 50% off BV's retail price.

    Hope someone enjoys the bargains! Their number is (702) 733-9442

    I don't know if they ship internationally, but they will ship within the US and if you're located outside of NV--no sales tax. I believe these are final sales so it's something to keep in mind. But the bags I saw were all in great condition.
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