BV Mirrors

  1. Do all BV bags come with a mirror?
    Have they always come with a mirror?
    Does the mirror exactly match the leather color AND texture?

    A newbie has to know! :graucho:

  2. None of my BV bags have come with a mirror. I have the Roma, the maxi Veneta and the Montaigne (it was a special colour combo because I do believe the regular, single colour Montaignes do have a mirror).....

    So maybe I've helped eliminate some mirrorless bags for you!
  3. I only have Montaignes (the single-colour ones) and yes, they have all come with mirrors and they have all been the same leather as the bag - just not woven. (Fiasco-bag didn't have a mirror but that proves NOTHING...). From reading posts on here it seems like there isn't a lot or rhyme or reason about what has a mirror and what doesn't - plus I think often with bags being returned and resold they can go missing so it has never been entirely clear what comes with a mirror and what doesn't.
  4. so far my medium veneta and campana both came with mirrors in the same leather color. both iron bags that i got didn't come with one though
  5. the mirror issue is a mystery. my campana came with a mirror but the cabat does not so it clearly isn't price related. i used to have a nylon bottega that did come with a mirror that wasn't leather or nylon wrapped.
    it would be interesting to know the history and reasons why some bags come with mirrors and some do not.
  6. what i understand from the SA down at the BV store is that only selected bags come with mirrors (and always in the same leather/texture/colour as the bag). Venetas definitely comes with them (except the mini-veneta). There are a few others, but I can't recall off-hand though. Either the pyramid or the ball...
  7. Just to confuse matters more, my mini tote did come with a mirror, same leather and color as the bag. I'm not sure why because it is a small bag, but there you go. Yes for the campana, no for the roma. No clue why one has it and not the other.
  8. Maybe it's random! lol! Or it's like one of those things that is last during the bag production and some forgets lol...Interesting topic though.
  9. Definitely interesting. Since there apparently seems to be no distinct patterns to which bags that get mirrors.

    I got one with my Large Veneta, but don't use it anyways :p
  10. Maybe the bags that are considered classics or at least come in classic colors come with mirrors? Just a guess though...
  11. jburgh only my new ball bag came with a mirror...I have a tote, a pyramid, a sloane, a veneta, and a no name satchel style and none of them came with mirrors.
  12. montaigne does!
  13. yup, both my large veneta and montaigne came with a matching mirror.
  14. I'm surprised that your veneta did not come with a mirror!!
  15. Both my camel & black large veneta come with mirrors, but not my sloane... how about med veneta, does it come with mirror too?