BV Men`s Collection S/S 2008

  1. I can`t repeat too often that I honestly :heart: Tomas Maier for what he does! He is one of the most talented designers and yesterday`s men`s show in Milan made my jaw drop and took my breath away once again!

    The details of the clothing, the slouchy summery feel, the muted colors, but still the sharp tailoring and the so thoughtfully placed details were perfection!

    Here are some of the bags arriving next spring.
    00080m.jpg 00110m.jpg 00120m.jpg 00180m.jpg 00210m.jpg
  2. Don`t you just love the colors? The oversized Veneta-reminding bag for men, the lush Oceano on the Sardegna Canvas, I`m drooling!

    Here are some more: One looks like python trimmed with alligator and the tote bag is gorgeous!!!
    00280m.jpg 00310m.jpg 00320m.jpg 00290m.jpg
  3. Does anyone know which color the second bag is? It looks like Limo from this season. Are they carrying it over?
  4. oh C_24 , thanx for those gorgeous, gorgeous pics. all of them are TDF:heart:
    Which ones are you getting?:happydance:
    Im not sure if it is Limo, looks a bit lighter, although its hard to tell. the colours are so hard to tell in different lights.
  5. That`s what I was thinking, it looks a littler lighter than Limo, maybe it`s a new shade they`re launching?

    Oh raz, you little enabler you! I´m not supposed to even think of getting anything, since my Atlantico Tote is coming either tomorrow or the day after and in between, there`s the F/W collection as well, so next S/S is a looooong way to go ;o)
  6. I cant wait to see your new tote:heart:. you are right, too many bags, and not enough time (or MONEY)
    Lots of lovely eye candy though, to keep us going:tup:
  7. Wow these are gorgeous!!! I wonder which ones my baby will be lusting for :smile:
  8. OMGosh!!!

    I am lurving this style!!
  9. Im glad my DH doesnt lust after bags like me... hehehe
  10. I'm lovin' that bag, too, Nymph. But seeing the croc detail on the bag... I know that it will be too expensive.
  11. totally in love with the croc detailing!