BV loot from Italy

  1. I just returned from a trip to Italy, which included Venice. I'm not normally a fan of BV, but since I was visiting the "mothership"... Anyway, here are a couple of photos of my BV loot.


    I bought the 2 Venetas from the BV boutique in Venice, while the other bag and wallet were picked up from the BV outlet at The Mall outside of Florence. The Veneta with the stripes is from the Nebbia range (nebbia = fog in Italian, I was told). I bought the plain Veneta for my best friend's birthday (I will have to tell her that present is going to cover the next 3 years at least!) because she likes woven leather. My favourite is the wallet, which cost only 175 Euros!!!

    I am totally lost when it comes to BV, so can anyone tell me what colour the Venetas are in? Also, what is the name of the lilac bag? I took the lilac out the last couple of days, and it is a very handy design!
    Roxane–BV-collection.jpg Roxane–BV-wallet.jpg
  2. OMGAWD Roxane!!!! What a fabulous loot!

    The Veneta you got for your friend looks like Noce on my screen, and if it is, it's very yummy indeed!

    But I'm most wowed by your Nebbia Veneta! It's soooooooooo pretty! :tender:

  3. Those are beautiful! I just got my BVs in Rome and I understand how you couldn't walk out of the store with just one thing!!!
  4. What a great haul, Roxane!! I loooove the wallet too, congratulations!!
  5. Beautiful! Beautiful!! The wallet is very special. The woven part looks like some kind of exotic skin. The lilac bags is called the intrecciato printed basket bag, according to my BV catalog. But any tPF member please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm drooling over the whole loot. Congrat!!
  6. Beautiful bags Roxane, I saw the ombre veneta (the one on the right) in the maxi size at my BV recently and it was TDF!!!!! The Veneta on the left looks like limo or camel on my screen. Love the small lilac satchel as well with the aztec design, I think this colour is OLD PETRA (one of my all time BV faves) You got a great deal on the wallet tooo.....Many congrats!
  7. Congrats on being a BV convert and your gorgeous haul! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: What a sweet friend you are as well to buy such an amazing present. You picked up some classic pieces with the venetas and the tote is such a pretty color. I love the wallet as well. Enjoy!
  8. wow roxane!
    congrats on a great haul!
    i love the wallet! and am sure that you will enjoy the bags!
  9. Congratulations :tup: I love the Nebbia Veneta, just love it.
    That's the thing about BV: you never know you are a fan but when you come across it - it is irresistable :love:
  10. they are nice~
  11. Holy moly, Roxane, your loot is divine! Seriously, I love the Nebbia Veneta and the wallet (and even more the price!)

    Congrats on the bags and being such a dear friend to your now BV-owning friend!
  12. Roxane, what a great friend you are to get a BV for your best friend! Yes, I think that should cover all gift giving holidays for the next 3 years! I would say the color on the classic veneta is limo, which is a great light neutral and less delicate than you would think.

    I really love the shape of the tote, and old petra is such a lovely color. How big is it and does it have multiple compartments?
  13. Congratulations Roxane! I hope you had a great time in Italy. Can you adopt me to be your best friend too? I wouldnt mind having a Limo Veneta as a present :tender:

    great haul!
  14. That nebbia veneta is absolutely TDF gorgeous! All of it is beautiful, but that I covet from the depths of my heart. Congratulations!
  15. great loot! you did very well...enjoy them!

    congratulations and welcome to BV! :yahoo: