BV leather woven bracelets. Need help!

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  1. I'm considering a BV leather bracelet for my bday, but I really need some modeling shots. I have small wrists and don't want it to look overwhelming.

    Any feedback from those who have one? Can you post a pic?

  2. I'm wearing one right now :smile: I'm sorry for the poor shot but it's hard to take discrete modeling photos at the office!

    The bracelets come in 2 sizes (maybe more?). If you are petite make sure you get the small one. I am tall but I have small wrists proportionally and the larger size actually slides off my hand.

    I love the knot bracelets and have several. There's also a new design this year -- it's adjustable with very fine strands of leather.

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  3. you should check the accessories thread for other pics of bracelets
    in additon to the knot bracelet which comes in single or double knot
    they also make a cuff bracelet
    they also make cuffs that are partly woven leather and partly woven silver
    I have never anyone complain about BV bracelets
    I understand they fit well and are easy to wear

  4. Thx for the modeling shot. I've been eyeing the red - it is gorgeous!

  5. Thx. I will try again. I did a search and only found a couple of modeling pics.

    I don't remember seeing cuffs with part leather, part silver. I need to go checkout the site again. :smile:
  6. My bracelet is actually Blood, from last (?) fall. I actually like the brighter reds this year more, but it's hard to justify another red bracelet when there are so many other things on my wish list.