BV leather drier than usual?

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  1. #1 Apr 6, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2014
    Hi all!

    I recently purchased a BV document case in tangerine from Barney's NY online. When I received it, I noticed that the leather seems to be a bit different from my other BV pieces. It does not shine/there isn't quite as much luster in the light as the other piece and overall its not quite as soft as the other ones which I purchased directly from BV. Each square also has some sort of dots (like little punctures) in them if looked at closely...

    It may be that its an older item as they are not offering tangerine any longer on the BV website.... It came with the dustbag and care/control cards. It may just be me overthinking it, so I wanted to see if any BV experts out there or any one else has ever had this experience of the leather being a bit drier (maybe on pre loved or older bags). For some reason, these issues don't show up so evident in pictures but if I look at two different pieces head on and feel them, I can definitely tell some sort of difference...

    Thanks so much in advance to everyone who could try to help me solve this issue!
  2. Photos would be helpful.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest returning it to Barney's. We have no way of knowing what it's been through before your purchase.:smile:
  3. I just bought a Tangerine wallet and while I don't see little punctures, I do feel that the leather has less sheen and is drier than other colors. But I think this is because the color is so vibrant and deep that it took an awful lot to get that color so saturated. Like India wrote, if you're not happy return it, but I think this is just our of those colors that will take longer to soften and develop a patina.
  4. Now why didn't I say that first? Excellent response!
  5. Barney's has a good return policy
    is the leather intagli?
    that would explain dots or holes
  6. I have a large Veneta in tangerine and it is very bright and like Grietje said it appears more matte and flat than other colors. I haven't used it yet so couldn't speak to it softening but it does appear a little different than other colors. I haven't noticed any perforations. I also have the electrique minionde Veneta and some people have reported that that color seems perhaps stiffer than other colors and I agree. It's not as soft as my quetsche and I've had it since November so I've carried it a fair amount.
    Maybe you could do an exchange? I bought a wallet from Barney's that went on sale in a few days and they were very helpful and did a price adjustment for me. Good luck!
  7. Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses and experiences! For some reason my email inbox hadn't alerted me yet to new responses.

    I was most worried about the mateness of the leather and the stiffer feeling when compared to my other pieces (in tourmaline and bronze). Based on what others here have said about the lighter/brighter colors and never having owned any lighter colored items from BV before, I'm more confident in the feel/look of the item than when I first received it. I absolutely love the color and could not find it at other department stores (and have noticed that Barney's stocks items from older seasons, etc. from a number of designers) so I think I'll keep it. Thanks again to everyone for their opinions and past experiences regarding this type of color and its leather as I feel much more confident in it now!
  8. I'm very happy with my Maxi Electrique Minionde. The leather has a nice sheen and is starting to soften. She has been part of my BV family for about one month now.
  9. I would have had the same reaction if I hadn't experienced it before. I was so surprised and so happy that my new walnut parachute is divinely soft!
  10. #10 Apr 7, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
    Tangerine was a Resort 2013-2014 color that was carried over into Spring-Summer 2014, so it is not old. I was just as the San Francisco BV last weekend and they had oodles of tangerine bags and small leather goods. I did not notice any perforations in the leather, but do agree it is more of a matte color.
  11. Thanks so much for this information! I'm relatively new to BV so not all that savvy on the colors and their seasons. For some reason when I went to the BV website originally I didn't think to search for tangerine and didn't see it as a color option for the document case so had thought it was an older season color.
  12. Here are two quick pictures of those little dots/"punctures" I noticed on the leather. It may just be because I can't see them on the dark color that I have (tourmaline) but I didn't see them either on the bronze piece I have. However, maybe this is a normal variation in the leather of BV pieces?

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  13. That's leather - skin - hide - . Perfectly normal. Look at your own skin where it is exposed to the sun on a regular basis and you'll see that it looks like that - er, wait, you may be younger than me; looking at my sun-damaged self, I see - oh never mind.:biggrin:

    Your photos are beautiful, well done!
  14. I don't see any holes
    what I see is the natural pore in the hide
    and you see that on mostly all leather
  15. Nice detailed photos. The leather looks perfectly fine to me. All BV bags have variations because the leather comes from a former living and breathing animal. That is what makes BV so special and adds character to every bag.