BV leather care esp for light colors. Please help!

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  1. Dear all,

    I am new to BV and just bought a zip wallet in magnolia (light pink color). I have only used it for 2 weeks and it already attracts blue ink! its not that ovious now but I want to know whether we can use something to protect it before using it (like a protective spray/cream) and also something to remove the stain.
    Maybe it was a bad idea to buy a light colored wallet but I'm just in love with it!
    PLEASE help! and thanks a lot!
  2. I'm not sure for BV cause I don't have any yet, but for Balenciaga's, there's a lot of raves for Appleguarde and LMB products ( There's an Appleguarde spray which is a protectant, and from LMB, they have leather cleaners which might be able to remove the stain.
  3. The best thing to do is protect the leather before you get it dirty. There was a thread for protecting BV leather recently and experienced BV owners seem to like the Collonil Nanopro. I just sprayed my Limo Sloane yesterday and it looks perfect. It did not change the texture/feel of the leather at all. Maybe you should give it a try.
  4. I swear by Shining Monkey fabric and leather protector. Have tried Apple products as well but find SM to be the best for my needs. I was sold on it when protecting the light cowhide vachetta on my LV handles and then watched in awe as raindrops would "roll" off the leather instead of being absorbed... and all this without altering the feel or look of the leather as if nothing happened at all. For intrecciatto (woven) make sure you also spray at the angle for the crevices b/c dirt tends to get stuck in those areas most
  5. I think I will hafta find something from either brands soon. My poudre handphone strap is starting to turn dark! :shame:
  6. I have a magnolia clutch with braided strap that I did not treat with any protectant, and so far I have been able to clean off the corners that get smudged with a slightly damp cloth; I just rub gently until the smudges come off. This also worked for a smudge that transferred from a blue top. So far those are the only spots my pink bag has acquired; not sure how this will work on ink stains, though.
  7. Thanks all! greatly appreciated! will get to work soon and hopefully give you a review on the products!
  8. I'm also looking for a protective spray for my bag in Old Petra. Unfortunately, the 2 most recommended products - Appleguarde and Collonil Nanopro - don't seem to be available in Singapore. Any help from someone on this - can you find these in Singapore?
  9. my SA suggested me not to use any kind of spray on my bags:shrugs:. On the smooth nappa leather, it's ok to use a conditioner creme once in a while.
  10. uclaboi - so, nothing on your Old Petra cabat?
  11. mlbags - I ended up getting the Limo Vachette. SA suggested not to spray or apply anything on my Cabat. Nothing can be applied on exotics, either.
  12. Was told the same as well. And to bring the bags in for conditioning every 6-8 months (esp if constant/heavy usage).
  13. How much is the conditioning cost? Also, is it true that I can't use the light color (i.e. magnolia, white) with jeans because the color will rub off?
  14. i've heard that vectra is a good product. but i think you have to be prepared for light colors (especially on nappa) to show dirt. i have a white nappa campana that i used very gently, yet she still became filthy (and the woven leather is impossible to clean). when i mentioned it to a bv sa he was like, that's what happens which is why i don't recommend light colors for everyday bags. some light colors like limo and petra, however, are supposed to age and darken with use.
  15. ohh...
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the light color..
    To bad.. I really was thinking about the TOTE 'cause they're in such a great price.