BV Knot Bags, Do You Love Em?

  1. Gorgeous - every one!
  2. Is Nero black? I think I've seen it in black. Mine is navy, but I think I've seen it in black in Asia
  3. ballchai-what a beautiful collection..I have several that you have..I love knots..they feel so good in my hand..I would LOVE to have the SILVER one for my daughter's wedding..don't see that
  4. I adore my knots! And you're right, they're so easy to carry. Most of the ones that I own we're chosen for me by my husband as gifts for different occasions.
  5. Thanks for sharing your collection with us. You have a terrific variety! Lovely that they were gifts from your husband, too.
  6. BV knots.... they are the best... classic, timeless & could a girl

    go wrong???
  7. I love the thought of them,but I doubt I would actually ever use one
  8. Great variety!
  9. Not typically a fan of clutches but the Knot is stunning. If I were to get a clutch this would be it :smile:.
  10. bisbee.... love your "knots"
  11. I think the knot is a beautiful bag. Im concerned though about setting it down and leaving that expensive of a bag at your table when at a party or wedding. Do you leave it when dancing? If you do, do you worry someone might grab it?

    I'm thinking about buying my first knot but wanted your opinion.
  12. yes, I always just leave it on my table if I go dance. I just feel like the chances of someone stealing it at a closed, private, invitation-only event is so remote that it's not worth not enjoying myself at the event over the worry.

    if you really don't want to leave it you can always find a creative way to hide it, like under the centerpiece, or under a napkin... I'm sure it would fit in the inside pocket of a mens' blazer too.

    or take it to the coat check for a bit. or there are always people who will not get up from their table to save their lives, just go ask if you can deposit it at their table for a while.
  13. You will love the feel of the knot in your is really hard to describe..I use mine all the time..even with jeans! they are so much fun...I have laid mine on tables and haven't had to worry about them, but it was more of a private party situation, but large party..I think you would love one.
  14. I wouldn't leave it alone at a club but every where else I'd feel fine. Then again, I wouldn't carry much of value in my Knot. The Knot itself would be the most expensive thing.
  15. It depends on the size of the party. I had a Chanel evening bag stolen at a gala while I was dancing. When it is obviously a recognizable and expensive bag it becomes a target anywhere.