BV Knot Bags, Do You Love Em?

  1. I have a stretch knot and I find that it's small enough to either keep on my lap or if the chair is big enough, I'll put it on the seat next to my legs.
  2. I usually keep mine in my lap, with my napkin draped over it.

    Sometimes I'll set my Stretch Knot on the table if there's enough clear space, but probably only because it's nero karung, which would probably survive a minor food or drink mishap. I'd be more afraid to do that with my classic satin Knot because it's antilope satin (champagne-colored), which would show stains and damage a lot more.
  3. I am guy and I am not a drag queen. The only reason why I might regret to be a guy would be the Knot clutch.
  4. The Knot is a beautiful bag, and I almost bought one to carry at my wedding. The thing that stopped me is that I'm a big bag girl. If I'm carrying so little it will fit in a Knot, I can fit it in my pockets. Also, I'm worried that I'll put it down somewhere and leave it behind.
  5. I bought a black knot clutch with snakeskin lining a few months back but I have yet to use it to any event. I find it a bit too small and too formal to bring out except for a cocktail party. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  6. about my earlier post....

    I read the first few pages of the thread and it seems that quite a few ladies here uses their knot with jeans to casual events. I haven't tried that before but I'll make sure I try to work my knot with jeans this weekend! It's a shame that such a beautiful bag is just sitting around in my closet.
  7. BV knots... have several new ones as well as old ones from before T.Maier was
    the designer... they are all charming & refer to them as my little jewels.
    they work with everything & they go everywhere... to me BV is classic,
    timeless & forever....and I enjoy them thoroughly..
  8. Knots have their very own page in InStyle Magazine January 2012!
  9. i stopped carrying handbags (except for the days, i need to bring files home from my office) and the stretch knot just serve the purpose either i am in jeans or suit...looooooove them!

  10. The knot in my opinion is a good purchase that can be used casually or formally. Here's my little collection.

  11. Great collection!! The peltro or platino illusion one (2nd from left) is the one that got away for me :smile:
  12. ballchai- wow, great collection.
  13. Thanks. I'm actually not familiar with the specs/name of each.
  14. A beautiful collection indeed! I love the waxy studded one....wished it came in nero.
  15. Oh my, what a beautiful collection of knots! I am dying over the croc :drool: