BV Knot Bags, Do You Love Em?

  1. Thanks Miss_FancyBags!

    I understand Beatese. Though I don't do endangered species, I eat meat, wear leather shoes, and purchase and wear furs. If it's harvested legally, I have no problem with it.

    I also accept and really respect your decision, too.
  2. You ladies are horribly enabling :graucho: I just ordered my first knot to see what all the hubbub is about. :biggrin:
  3. grietje, I do love enabling. Wear your knot in the best of health!!!

    BTW, which one did you order/
  4. That is a stunning Knot!!!!! The belt is gorgeous!!!
  5. Such a pretty knot and belt !! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
  6. Satin Rust Fire Opal. I'm tentative on the color--am hoping it is not too brown. If it is too dark, I'll consider Fire Opal.
  7. I think I have seen this one and it is GORGEOUS!!! Post pics when you get it!!!

    Thanks sbelle and LT bag lady!!!
  8. congrats it's beautiful!! the belt too!!
  9. WOOOOHOOOO! Love your choice. So classic and eleagant. I hope you love wearing this little "Candy" as a dear tPFer calls these Knots. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy wearing it. LOVE!!
  10. every knot that I own I treasure & enjoy....
  11. ddI don't know how I missed your reveal annie99999 it is beautiful
    etoupebirkin love your knot also
    hope you both use them in good health
    annie congrats on your son's wedding
  12. thank you septembersiren- the wedding was fantastic.
  13. I love the classic knot, but I find the stretch knot too long for me to hold easily.

    Of course I still haven't taken the knot plunge. Much as I love clutches, I'm not sure I'll get enough use out of it to justify the cost.
  14. I want to love knots. Where do you gals put them? I attended a wedding over the weekend and a few ladies at the table had knot type bags. They weren't safe on the table (food). On the floor, they kept running them over with either their chairs or their feet. I was so happy to be able hang my braided handle zig zag BV on the back of my chair.

    Doreenjoy, love, love, love your new
  15. I take mine out to dinner all the time and I place mine on the table. I like that it's compact enough that I can do that. I feel safer with it on the table than hanging off the back of my chair - but I worry about someone snatching my purse more than spilling something on it. I figure I can always clean or replace the purse vs having to deal with changing locks/replacing ids/etc...