BV Jewelry Pouch

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  1. E47C0AC6-FE02-4D3B-994E-8EE0A4FE7DCB.jpeg A1BB291E-56CF-4AF9-9377-1E2FB19E0A8A.jpeg 3917FC1F-47F7-4296-B790-19CE4FF9B622.jpeg My husband found this jewelry pouch, and it’s amazing! I am curious about its age and any other info, since I’m not familiar with older styles.
  2. There should be a label sewn into the lining in one of the zippered pockets - have a look and let us know what you find, and post photos if you find anything... (very cool piece, I hope to learn as well!)
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  3. I can’t find a label! All I see is the embossing.


    Also, what would this section be used for?

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  4. It’s way before my time, hopefully somebody will be along shortly to help.

    Is the a pocket under that strap where necklaces could fit? I was thinking you could attach chains to that piece and then snap it securely?