BV is so timeless and elegant..

  1. Hello all,

    I am pretty new to the BV forum and I must say that everyone here is very friendly and helpful in providing info. regarding BVs. I am so excited to see everyone's showcase of their BVs-make me wanna drool.

    Have u realized that BV is very addictive? I have a few from many seasons ago and just recently i have gotten back to the craze. I have decided to purchase a few items to add into my collection, cant help it..the leather is just too soft.

    i think BV is timeless because their bags are so well made and quite easy to maintain. they are designed to match outfit perfectly. Just think of the veneta hobo- i mean it matches with every outfit you put on. either for going out, going to work or simply a grocery store run. of course, other collections and designs are wonderful too. :graucho:

    Ok-enough of my rambling here. once again, hi to all my beloved BV addicts :smile:
  2. Welcome, catabie! I'm pretty new to Bottega Veneta, too. It's been fun trying to settle into a "new" brand. Although I've acquired a few pieces, I'm still discovering which BV styles work best for me. Have fun posting! :smile:
  3. Welcome to the BV forum catabie! I :heart: Veneta's! Oh, oh, looks like you're going to fit right in and are an adept enabler. :smile: Hopefully you will share your BV's with us on "collections" and/or "in action"!
  4. Hi Catabie! I'm fairly new to the forum as well; welcome! I've recently discovered how addictive BV is. It's just so beautiful, classic but modern at the same time! Have you checked out the Fall catalogue? There are so many tdf pieces! I swear I'm going to have to lock up my credit card!
  5. Hi there, welcome onboard!
  6. Welcome welcome! BV is definitely addictive....i started to pay attention to this brand about 2 yrs ago and bought my first veneta one yr ago...i am really addicted to it after i bought my first one!! I only have a small BV collection at this point but I can see that it's growing! I have to say BV bags are expensive (but worth it!) and mostly over $1K (usd). I can't buy it as 'often' as like other brands.:crybaby:
  7. Welcome, catabie! Just be forewarned that your credit cards are officially in serious trouble. Please post your collection if you can!
  8. Hi catabie! Welcome to the BV subforum! boy, have I learned that BV is addictive. I started buying vintage from eBay and graduated to the newer bags. I love the bags, accessories, you name it! Tell us about your favorite BV's.

    Where in NoVA are you? My son lives in Falls Church and works in Chantilly.
  9. Welcome Catabie!! This is a fantastic place to feed your addiction and plenty of enablers too :graucho:
  10. Welcome! Glad to hear you're back in the fold. :graucho:
  11. Falls Church is very close to where I live-I am around Tyson's Corner in Vienna. Great area except there is no BV boutique. But I ordered my stuff from the Jersey store. The manager Jana is awesome.

    She called me today and said they have 3 more limited edition Cabat in ottone b'c Houston's store just opened up and they have gotten a few from Italy. I couldnt resist it after seeing the pictures, so i gave in and bought one! I will post all my BVs once I receive my latest one in the mail. I am so excited!
  12. ^^^OMG, you HAVE to post pics!! I'm so jealous--you live in shopping central anywhere around Tyson's.
  13. Hello! BV and this place is downright addictive, once you start you just can’t stop. IMO, Veneta is the ultimate BV in a bag. Do post action pics of your Ottone Cabat.
  14. BV is totally addicting, but the most dangerous thing about BV is this forum! You will not be able to stop at just one bag after seeing everyone's new purchases, and let me tell you there are some professional enablers here!. I got my campana and thought, that's it until Christmas...then I saw a certain carmino veneta, a few goodies in ferro, and here I go again! I'll be in Las Vegas in 2 weeks and DH had better win some money gambling cuz I'm going crazy in BV!
  15. Hi Welcome! I have to say I caught the BV bug too:love: I used to swear by LV, Chanel and Balenciaga, but now all those bags are nicely tucked away in their dustbags. I'll have to say this is my most expensive "addiction" though....But the beauty and craftsmanship is well worth it! Enjoy!!