BV Inventory @ Seattle Outlet

  1. As of 10/31, the Seattle outlet has BV in the following prints available for $96.

    Adios Star
  2. hi do you know the email addresses to the outlets? thank you!

    i was hoping to get a transporto.
  3. hi, this post was from last Oct. they are all out of toki now.
  4. Hi I went there yesterday! The SA said no more Toki they were wiped out months ago. The SA added that all LSS outlets are also out of stock. They however will be expecting the first colors of Stella McCartney bags soon (June, they couldn't confirm yet) but don't know which ones they will get, and don't think they will be getting the bunny backpack at all since it was sold out as an online pre-order.

    In case you're intending to get a LSS Boutique bag, I took a good look at all the models. Outlet prices start from $56 for the cheapest! The kisslock is actually a magnetic clasp. About 15% still had decent magnetism in them, the rest were loose although the bags looked brand new. The exterior material is made of a thin nylon similar to the interior lining material and not the usual "ripstop" nylon used for other LSS bags. The patent leather feels just like PVC I doubt it is real coated leather. Overall they look nice in photos but cheap on shoulders.
  5. so jealous of you! :p i wish i live near the outlet. i don't like the old boutique bag, not the style or the material. as you said, the material is much thinner than the usual LSS bags, very plastic looking...
    i hope the 2008 boutique bag uses the regular LSS material. does anyone know? cuz i really want one but would not get it if it is the thin material. none of the macy's near me (i think i checked 5 macy's already) have it and no LSS store here either!

  6. No I don't live near the outlet or it would have been ME wiping out their store of Tokis! Unfortunately I live about 3 hrs drive away :hysteric: I was on my way to Vancouver BC and stopped by the LSS outlet twice. I really wanted the Rose and Monroe Boutique bags badly but the magnetic clasps were the worst on those models because they're hidden within the fabric. The bags just wouldn't stay closed. Conversely bags with kisslock frame closures had stronger magnetism.

    As for Boutique 2008, the dragonfly-floral print? Exterior material feels like thin cotton not nylon, and the webbing on zippers made of some ribbed cotton material similar to tank tops in the 80s. Overall very cheap looking bags I wouldn't pay more than $10 for, if it wasn't for the brand. These bags do not look like LSS brand bags, they look like bags that can be picked up from food and novelty markets. The Seattle outlet didn't have these but I've seen them in stores.

    According to the SA, the McCartney bags are worth getting, their nylon has a soft silky feel, and much classier than any usual LSS bag.
  7. I wish I lived close to the outlet!:crybaby:
  8. living 3 hrs away would be a dangerous things for me.... when i went to portland last december. i did drove up to the outlet! :p i didn't went crazy as i thought i would. hahahaaaa...

    yeah. i want one in the dragonfly print. maybe i will get one when it hits the outlet. the stella thing is a little too expensive even with the discount. maybe if they have a 65% off thing... heehee...

    i wish the outlet have a mailing list or something.

  9. If you do go there, go on Monday to Thursday, less crowded. On Fri - Sun it will be a bad baaad idea, there will be busloads of tourists from all over the world making the outlet look like a mini-UN!!!! I went there last Saturday, the Coach outlet had customers queuing up outside in the rain & snow just to get inside!!
  10. yeah... the Coach outlet is always packed.... i don't know why...

  11. I went to TJ Maxx over the weekend and they have the Autumn/Winter LSS Boutique bags on sale, about 50-70% of the LSS outlet prices! I bought one on impulse, and today when I used it for the first time, the shoulder strap creaked! Eeew. I can't wait for TJM to get McCartney's stuff.
  12. Omg! They sell it there now? Last time I checked the Outlet they didn't have any Tokidoki bags. :sad:
  13. What? LSS has stopped selling Toki for a loooooooooong time already. I'm referring to Boutique Collection LSS bags on sale.