BV Initials - When Your Own Initials Are Enough - Updates post 95

  1. Anyway, even though it's not for me, thanks for sharing this news with us! :smile: I'm trying to make it clear that I'm not "shooting the messenger" with my opinion of this monogramming idea.
  2. to each his own... but something I would not do...and do not like at all...

    think that if BV wanted something like that, they would do a prototype

    for a runway show...
  3. jburgh: To answer some of your questions...

    1. The current pieces are offered in Nappa (for women) and VN (for men). As of right now, exotics are not offered for initials.
    2. The initials are silk screened onto the leather. Each initial is applied in 3 layers to obtain exceptional intensity.
    3. All initial colors feature a white letter "shadow" except white which features a black letter "shadow".
    4. There is only one font offered at this time.
    5. The letter edges are finished.
    6. As of today, the only boutiques with samples are Fifth Avenue (US), Sloane (UK) and Ginza (JP).
  4. not a fan
  5. For me, eww. This completely belies BV brand values. Applying paint to intreccio is a big no-no IMO, regardless of the font, scale and color. I wonder where the market research was conducted. This may turn into a Coke Classic oops decision (one can only hope). I can't imagine BV execs sitting around a table nodding agreement that this was a sure thing to increase market share.
  6. exactly! yeah, not a fan at all, it's just plain ugly.

    if anything this is a sign they want to go in a different direction and/or appeal to a different customer :shrugs:

    megs and vlad are in milan for the launch of this too.
  7. would not even consider putting initials on any of my BV bags...
  8. That is just awful! That's just a fancier way of saying they are painted on and in time, will wear off just like silk screen letters that are placed on a tshirt wear off after a few washings. :tdown: Disappointed and not in favor. I would have hoped for smaller font in less bolded letters, more contemporary almost script like in the lower hand corner of a wallet or maybe bag and woven in not silkscreened on!
  9. Megs and I were invited to the same launch event in Milan. While we're working on getting together a full review, here are a few thoughts along with pictures.

    Currently, there is only one font face available in upper case, latin letters only. Sizes are 2cm, 2.5cm and 3cm as the largest font. Available colors are shown in the image below.

    TM is indeed very excited about this Initials campaign and from what I understand, it will continue to be a permanent staple for the brand.

    We hoped to give you all an exclusive insight behind the scenes to cover the initials process in greater depth, which unfortunately wasn't possible this time around.

    My initial impression (get it, pun intended) is that it gives the classic intrecciato a more youthful twist, definitely geared towards a younger crowd. While the development took months to get right, I am hesitant to believe that the silk screen on the woven nappa will have the permanence of a proper stitching, for example.

    Megs and I got to initial our own bags, she chose the black nappa tote with a colorful MMD combo, while I chose the Nero Intrecciato VN Cross Body Messenger for myself (with a green 3cm 'V' in the lower right corner - my initials VD are rather unfortunate :amuse:)

    Whether or not the painted initials will be able to withstand the stress of daily use, natural movement of the leather, brushing up against clothing, etc. will be seen with time. I hope that the paint will provide enough flex to move with the nappa without flaking apart.






  10. Hi Vlad,
    Thanks for posting additional info. My negative reaction is about the type design. Although I do not work in the industry anymore, my background is in type design and calligraphy. I have always had so much fun with my own initials. My Mom got me started on adding my initials to clothing and bags too many years ago to admit. I grew up as a "preppy" in Boston where initials were embroidered on almost everything. She always found the coolest, non preppy fonts for my initials on clothes and on my first Gucci briefcase. The type design Tomas and his team selected so misses the boat. I would expect BV to offer a classic Italian design - like Bodoni. The white shadow just ruins the effect. As I mentioned to my BVette sister, India, we would love to provide some feedback to Tomas and the team. Both of us got our start dabbling in lettering at a very young age and we have a great passion and sense of letter design. I certainly can envision adding my initials to a BV bag, if the colors looked richer, not spray painted on, and if the type design did not look like press on lettering from Michael's. Give me Bodoni, Palatino, Optima, or Zapf Chancery over this non descript font. I like the idea of adding tasteful initials to BV bags, but this font design just doesn't work. I would love a metallic finish that intertwines with the intrecciato- like embroidery. This would really show off BV craftsmanship over "spray paint."
  11. I think this might be the same font as the bottega veneta "logo". I would love to have type choices ( I don't like serifed fonts - it's visual clutter) although that would be another choice to get stuck on.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this tomorrow!

  12. don't like the paint on the weave - it's just weird
    I love monogrammed items, and initials on canvas look great, but I'm not feeling this
    maybe it would look better on the deerskin bags?
  13. Deerskin is leather - this painted-on business will not look any better on that. IMO. I think you probably meant those bags that aren't completely intrecciato, yes?

    BV surely did their market research on this. They are going after a specific market and apparently that specific market is not on tPF. :biggrin: