BV in Venice- has anybody ever been?

  1. I'm so excited because dh surprised me with a weekend trip to Venice this weekend.:yahoo:
    I know that there are 2 BV stores which I both intend to visit.
    Has anybody of you, lovely ladies aver been and could tell me a bit about it so that I know what to expect.
    Are the prices cheaper than in the rest of Europe and how is their bag variety?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!:smile:
  2. Hi Tanja, so nice of your DH to surprise you with a weekend in Venice!! BV has the same pricing policy for Euroland, so the pricing should be the same as Germany.

    Hope you have a great trip and do post pics!!
  3. Have a great time... congrats
  4. myindulgence went on a nice Mediterranean cruise and has also visited the 2 BV stores in Venice and got her something ro remind her of the trip, you might want to PM her.

    But prices are the same as in Germany...
  5. Thanks ladies for your nice replies.
    I hope that they have the sloane in iron because this is my dream bag.
    I'll take pics from the BV shop.
    See you I've to get ready now and have a great weekend.
  6. Wah!!

    Can't believe I missed Tanja!! Venice BV will always have a special place in my heart, cos that's where I bought my first BV bag! The SAs are lovely, and the store manager is such a blast!

    I'm sure Tanja will be back with new updates and lovely pics, so that's all good :yes:
  7. i've only been to one. it was quite small but there were some nice bags. :yes:
  8. Oh, I want to go there so much!! Just to be surrounded by all that lovely leather and color. I hope she finds something to bring back and show us.
  9. Venice war amazing, the city is so beautiful and the SA were perfect at BV and went above and beyond to show me everything.
    I actually ended up buying the Pyriamid in noce but unfortuntately I noticed on the flight back to Munich that a thread is coming loose so I'll have to go to BV here to see if they can help and send it for repairs. I really hope that it won't be a problem as BV is like LV a chain rather than a frenchiser.
    I'm so sad because I love this bag so much and lately I don't seem lucky with my bags. My birthday bag which I got for a week is away for repairs and now this.:sad:
    But I'm hopeful with my BV as they've an excellent customer service.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me, please:yes: