BV in the rain?

  1. I was wondering what do you do to protect your BV from rain? Do you leave them at home or put them in something? Or do you just wear them?
  2. I'm the biggest fan of BV and one of the reasons is how tough the leather really is. Now, don't get me wrong, I would not purposefully soak my bag in water and expect it to be pristine afterwards, but I have worn it in some unexpected downpours and it has come out unscathed. I have not treated it with anything since purchasing it 5 months ago, and it is limo which is a lighter color. The caveat is that my bag is made of nappa umbria which is treated with a wax; regular nappa leather may not stand up to rain without pretreatment.
  3. Altho' much has been said about BV's leather being surprisingly hardy, I don't dare to subject it to water..... I was caught in dense rain last nite, luckily I always keep a big-enough foldable plastic bag inside my Roma. I walked in the rain, with my BV wrapped inside a plastic bag. I was wet, but Roma was warm and snuggly hugged on my chest!

    Another experience, I spilled juice on my BV key pouch. There was an ugly patch when dry. I thot to myself at that time 'oh, the damage is already there, might as well give it a try and see what happens' - so I used a very wet towel and sponge the whole pouch. It was totally almost soaking wet! Guess what, the pouch dried up with no patches of stain in sight. Guess this is one reason why it was said that BV's leather, tho' fragile looking, is actually rather amazing!
  4. OH ML Bags it's really interesting that you say that. I took my Carmino Veneta to the nail bar on Monday and the lady dropped oil on my bag. I have two little stains and I don't know what to do. I'm hoping that I can send it to Italy and have it cleaned but now I have read this I may sponge it very gently and see what happens.

  5. VKD, mine's was a light coloured juice (probably sweetened water, actually) so the stain was more of a watermark. Oil may be way different (a problem, I'm afraid). I suppose under such cirumstance, you should let the professionals handle it. Also, I took the chance as it was a key pouch. I don't think I would have done that if it was my handbag! High cost at stake! Please don't do what I did :sweatdrop:, but get it to a pro, pronto! I would have cried if it's my Carmino Veneta. I hope something can be done to your Veneta. Do report back and let us know.
  6. I just got my first BV, and the SA of course told me to avoid water and heat. Though I have read here how hardy the BV leather actually is, at this point I would carry a plastic bag just in case whenever I take out my campana and opt to go with my trusty damier for wet weather.
  7. A plastic bag...GENIUS! This is why I :heart: TPFers. Thanks all for your great advice.
  8. VKD--I would so take that bag to BV for cleaning! Water is one thing, OIL is a whole different story! I fear for my bag everytime I go into a restaurant. I once had a waiter pause with a load of oily dishes right over my bag; my husband took one look at my face and feared for the waiter's life.

    mlbags--hehe, love the plastic bag idea! Now if I could just remember to put the plastic bag IN my purse I'd be getting somewhere! I am just too forgetful these days.
  9. I just changed out to my Mulberry bag for a rainy week and while I thought it was the perfect bag last winter, now it just doesn't seem right after so much BV....:confused1: I may have to invest in a plastic bag! LOL

    VKD so sorry to hear your salon incident. Here's wishing you the best to get the oil out of your lovely bag.

    o_b I can totally relate to your restaurant story! Once I was forced to set my Julie on the outside of a booth and worried about waiters dripping something on it so I covered the bag with my sweater - it looked like a huge mound of laundry, LOL! But then my friend's 4-yr old knocked her red wine across the table and my sweater saved my bag! I'll sacrifice anything for BV!
  10. I find one that is big enough, one of those from the supermarket, that I can fold till quite flat and small and it's aways inside my bag till it gets wet and replaced with another. This came in very handy many a time. Of course, my DH and DSons laughed when they see me. Drenched but hugging what looks like a fully loaded laundry bag !

    I'm with you all the way on this statement! :heart:
  11. :roflmfao:What we won't do for our beloved bags!
  12. i dont own a BV (yet!) but for all my other preciousess, i have a plastic bag in them as well to protect them should it rain! but that will only work for light rain and drizzle. i wouldnt risk using the plastic bag in a downpour.

    when i am caught in downpour, i will try to walk indoors (shelters or underpasses) even if it means walking a longer route. i will try to wait for the rain to stop if i have the time! ha!

    i carry my bags on my left shoulder. when i share an umbrella in the rain with dh, i will get him to walk on my left so that the bag is in the MIDDLE of the umbrella, with both of us protecting it. ha! he has complained about getting wet on his left arm coz of the bag and i told him that i am getting wet on my right arm as well, so he shouldnt be complaining! he could only :sweatdrop:

  13. I carried my new cabat yesterday all of a sudden caught into a heavy downpour!!! so hectic had to take out my scarf to cover the bag (yes a burberry scarf too!). Thank god nothing bad happened to the bag, for sure next time I will watch the weather report before considering wearing the bag out!:sweatdrop:
  14. ^hello warmhaus!

    welcome to BV! I can't resist asking you...can you please share your new cabat with us?

    some action pics would be great too. thanks! :flowers:
  15. thanks rox_rocks!

    sure, I'd like to share the cabat pictures. My DH is on trip and took the camera with him. I will post pics when he comes back..

    I'd like to know how to treat the leather, seems to me that the bottom inside of the bag and the little pochette are very easily scratchable.. anyone can chime in and comment?

    It is a very expensive bag think I've made a right choice buying it.. really want to take care of it the best that I can, thanks. :smile: