BV in SF

  1. This year we'll be in San Francisco over the winter holiday!! The first visit for my DH and DS, and the second for me (though the first was 15+ years ago).

    I know the SF BV boutique is on Geary St., but do Neiman and Saks there also carry BV? Do they have a lot of selections? I don't think I'd have that much time for my shopping, so I'd like to be efficient. TIA.

    :heart:Wishing you all a Magical Holiday Season!!:heart:
  2. You are going to have some great BV shopping in SF. Saks, the boutique and NM are all within a 2 block radius and all have current stock.
    Saks has the smallest selection but still worth looking at. NM has lots of new bags in.
    Happy Holidays to you too! The weather is nice and sunny today, I hope it holds for your visit! Watch for me in my carmino veneta.
  3. there were actually several BVs on the sale table at Neimans when I was there on monday ...
  4. Thank you, NWpurselover and LVcubster!!! I guess I should send DH and DS to some tourist spot and run around Union Sq. with my ebano campana!!:lol:

    I'll be peeling my eyes out for your carmino veneta, NW. Thanks for the wishes. It would be so cool if I come across another tPFer.

    I sure hope to find good sale items, LV!! Awww, can't wait!!
  5. Yep, another vote for NM! Great place for lunch, too.
  6. Oh you will have a wooooonderful time! I was in SF a few summers ago before I was into BV so I hit all the great stores but didn't notice BV or the boutique. We were suppose to be there for the holidays this year too but DH's year-end business trip changed locales :crybaby: My holiday shopping spirit will be with you!

    (and if you have time, see the SF Nutcracker! The best there is!!)
  7. Have fun in SF! If you go into the SF boutique, Samuel is such a sweet and nice SA. You won't regret your experience there. I can't speak for Saks on whether they have BVs or not, but I can say that NM does have some. I think one of the posts above mentioned that there are some BVs out on the table. I saw one or two a week ago. I believe Barneys C:huh:P which is also in union square has some BVs. Or at least that's what the SA there said they were receiving some shortly. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Thank you doubtfulguest, blugenie, and lilbluebear, for your kind input and lovely wishes!!

    doubtfulguest, we are always open for good restaurant suggestions too, thanks!!

    blugenie, sorry that your plan has been changed. We could have had a little meet up at BV!!

    lilbluebear, I'm definitely going to the boutique. Hopefully I get to meet Samuel there!!
  9. ^I can talk about restaurants all day. Blvd (if you aren't opposed...foie gras tdf), Bix if only for the chocolate soufflé, Bourbon and Branch to go out drinking (check the website) etc etc etc. If you need any other SF info, PM me!
    Samuel is nice, and probably won't mind knowing you are a tpfer! He knows how obsessed we are.
  10. Thank you so much doubtfulguest!! We are firming our schedule in SF now and will definitely PM you if we have questions!!

    It's in 20's here today and 50's in SF. Can't wait!! Hopefully the weather cooperates so I can carry my campana without worries. I have been rather cranky lately because of the snowy/sleety weather here that's prevented me from carrying it.:hysteric:
  11. I was just at neimans again yesterday and there was still some BV on sale although less then the last time so I hope you find some. I didnt make it into the BV boutique like I wanted to though. I beleive the barneys second cut sale has started so maybe you might find something there too..
  12. Thanks LVcubster for the update! Let's see what I will come across...:smile: