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  1. May's edition of the WSJ magazine featured an article about transparent accessories. BV's transparent cabat was included.
  2. Vogue Deutsch August 2012 - Dress Fall 2012 credit: tfs
    Vogue Deutsch August 2012.jpg 00200big.jpg
  3. Elle Taiwan July 2012 - Dress, Leather Jacket Pre-Fall 2012.13
    Elle Taiwan July 2012.jpg 035fullscreen.jpg bottega-veneta_010.jpg
  4. WSJ July/ August 2012 - Dress Fall 2012.13
    WSJ-Magazine-Marion-Cotillard-4.jpg 00360big.jpg
  5. Jessica Chastain graces the cover of Vanity Fair's September 2012 Style Issue - Dress Fall 2012.13 credit: justjared/
    jessica-chastain-covers-vanity-fair-september-style-issue-01.jpg bottega-veneta_034.jpg
  6. Cindy Crawford in the September 2012 issue of Tatler magazine - Dress Fall 2012.13
    cindy-crawford-tatler-sept-2012- (1b).jpg 00360big.jpg
  7. Elle US September 2012: Katy Perry - Dress Fall 2012.13 credit: tfs/
    tumblr_m82wtmzrOn1r70toco1_1280.jpg 00200big.jpg
  8. Bottega Veneta, KPM Berlin Showcase Their Joint Offer

    KPM Berlin and Bottega Veneta are celebrating their successful partnership with a joint exhibition at one of the most sought-after locations in Berlin – the
    “Hackesche Hoefe”. The venue of Bottega Veneta and KPM Berlin will be “TheBox”, located in courtyard No. 3 of the “Hackesche Hoefe”. Bottega Veneta and KPM Berlin started their exclusive partnership in 2008 when Bottega Veneta decided to launch its first porcelain line. It was only a natural consequence that KPM´s competence of hand made and hand painted porcelain and Bottega Veneta´s fashion and design expert knowledge were brought together by Tomas Maier, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta.

    The 9 porcelain elements can be mixed easily in an informal way. There are no serving pieces, reflecting today´s casual lifestyle. The hand painted pattern is designed by Bottega Veneta and is called “Intreccio Svanito” after the signature leather weave. Each piece of Intreccio Svanito is numbered by the artist in addition to bearing the marks of KPM and Bottega Veneta.

    A major architectural attraction as well as a favourite spot for international visitors, the “Hackesche Hoefe” is a vibrant hub right in the centre of Berlin. This modern antipode, made of un-rendered concrete and floor-to-ceiling glass, is clearly set apart from the classic retail stores. By presenting Bottega Veneta´s home collection together with KPM Berlin both companies emphasize their commitment to traditional craftsmanship. For interior designers and architects as well as design aficionados the Berlin showroom will be a platform of stimulus and inspiration.
    koenigliche-porzellan-manufaktur-berlin_design_furniture_trend_style_premium_luxus_luxury_porcel.jpg BV.jpg Bottega.jpg BOttegaVeneta.jpg
  9. UK Elle September: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Dress Fall 2012.13 credit: tfs
  10. Instyle US July 2012: Salma Hayek - 1st pic: Zirkon Necklace, 2nd pic: Dress Fall 2012.13 credit: superherohype/ bottegaveneta/
    Salma_Hayek_In_Style_US_July_2012.jpg bottega-zircon-necklace.jpg salma-hayek-1.jpg 00190big.jpg
  11. Marie Claire US August 2012 - dog leash
  12. Vogue Deutsch August 2012 - Necklace, Leather gloves Fall 2012.13 credit: tfs/
    Clipboard07.jpg 00330big.jpg 00380big.jpg
  13. Vogue Deutsch August 2012 - Brunito Intreccio Metal Knot, Violet Snakeskin Passamaneria Knot credit: my snap, bottegaveneta,
    Vogue Deutsch August 2012.jpg Bottega Veneta Knots.jpg 00620big.jpg 00510big.jpg
  14. Elle Mexico August 2012 - Dress Fall 2012.13, Violet Snakeskin Passamaneria Knot credit: tfs/ bottegaveneta
    image.jpg 00200big.jpg Bottega Veneta Knots.jpg
  15. US Harper's Bazaar September 2012 - Dress Fall 2012.13
    F13446821281428507_9.jpg 00200big.jpg