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  1. thank you for the article.
    i love bottega.
  2. there's someone here that's had her BV for ever, like 15+ yrs and said it's pristine.
    I guess it depends on how hard a person is on their luxe goods.
  3. I always thought the woven leather would be fragile, but I've read so many good things about BV bags...and I thought Chanel bags were supposed to age nicely too, at least the caviar ones..??
  4. Interesting article. Personally i prefer the look of Hermes more over the look of BV, but it doesn't matter.. can't afford either ;o)
  5. Thanks for the article. I would definitely rank Hermes above BV, if only for the fact that BV seems to be all over the place lately. You can buy BV on so many sites while Hermes bags aren't even sold on their own website.

    Right or wrong, the exclusivity of Hermes gives it a more "luxurious" feel, IMHO.
  6. My mother has BV bags that are more than 30yo. and yes they look beautiful. The mint greens and reds and browns are pefect.

  7. As I've mentioned before, my BV survived the clawing of a poor, road injured cat and shows no marks; even though I had to, gently, extract its claws from the leather!

    I'm sure a lesser quality leather would have been ruined, but because the leather is so soft and flexible, it almost seemed to 'heal'.

    Colour transfer is a problem, though. :yes:

    BTW, the cat survived, too! :yahoo:
  8. In terms of ranking, I'd personally rank BV higher than Hermes, as I'm not really bothered where a brand is sold, or how exclusive they make themselves seem.

    I care about the cast iron realities of beauty, style, quality and comfort.

    But I don't think that's the general perception. :biggrin:
  9. I love bv bags. It is definately one of my favorites. I loved all of their woven designs. The price for these designer bags are pricey though. Some totes go up to the tens of thousands.
  10. I don't know why it has to be Hermes v. BV--they are different and each luxury bags in their own right. BV is my favorite brand but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the quality of Hermes.

    I have several vintage BV's and they have aged beautifully. I just use normal care with them. I sold one on eBay and the feedback from the buyer was that the bag was in excellent condition! A 20+ yr old bag!

    I enjoyed the article--thanks for finding it in the PF archives.
  11. What I think is interesting about this article is that now BV has come out with "logo" bag for this season, and also a lot of lower priced bags . . .
  12. Interesting article. BV has really caught my attention since last year because of their appealing styles and colors. I'm definitely buying a BV bag this year!
  13. Which logo bags that? Are you refering to the initial print (when your initials are enough) one? That was from the Resort collection, and I thought that was SOOOOOOOO cool!!!

    I know there are the canvas bags, also from the Resort collection, which are prolly good entry points. But I think BV will always be known for their leather, so I'll hold out for a leather BV or naught.

    I def want a BV bag, whereas I'm not into Hermes bags yet :p
  14. The bag I saw that has a logo is on their website and I saw it IRL at NM. It almost has a crossword puzzle look? . . . I wasn't that impressed with the bag . . .
  15. Can't seem to be able to link up to the BV website...

    I thought the whole idea of this print - the BV slogan was a cute idea versus a usual monogram print. :shame: