BV in Portland, OR

  1. Hi, all! I know this may be a longshot, but I will be in Portland, Oregon next week and was wondering if there is any place to find BV. I plan to do some Christmas shopping while in Portland due to the no sales tax policy, and was hoping to find some BV (ahem...for gifts, not for me...really!). I know there is a Saks in the downtown area but don't recall them carrying any BV. Just wondering! Thanks!
  2. Ouija, that is an excellent question as I want to know as well! I go to Portland a couple of times per year but haven't checked out Saks for BV. I have bought Chanel at the Saks on Pioneer Square.
  3. ouija board and nwpurselover you're in luck! Marios in downtown Portland carries BV. It's a block up from Nordstrom on Broadway. Ask for Aimee or Mai - they both are wonderfully fun and helpful - all the gals are actually and they always entertain my BV fetish...served with champagne too! Funny I was just chatting about Marios with another member today.

    I haven't seen BV anywhere else in Portland so if there are other boutiques I'd sure like to know too. Let us know if you come back with any goodies! (or "gifts" LOL!)

    P.S. Nordstrom downtown has a lovely new Chanel boutique too :yes:
  4. Thanks for the tip bluegenie, I am familiar with the Seattle Mario's store. It is hard to beat tax free shopping when you get dinged 8.5% where I live.
  5. blugenie, where is Marios in relation to Pioneer Place? That's about the only place I know in Portland other than my hotel! I always make a beeline for Pioneer Place mall (specifically for Twist where I always get one or two pieces of jewelry). Oh, I feel some spending is in order if I find this Marios place...
  6. Okay, I found Marios website and it looks like it's not that far from Pioneer Place. Yippee!! Now, bluegenie, do they carry a lot of BV or just a small collection? Of course even small leather goods will be great as I am really supposed to be buying gifts, right?
  7. ouija board, glad you found it! BTW, I don't believe their new location south of Portland has BV.

    I was there a few weeks ago and some of their newer season items had sold since August, but they still have a good share of classics and sometimes don't have all their stock on the floor. I was in San Diego last week and Nordstrom had more new season bags but less stock overall, kwim? But they do rotate stock with the Seattle store so perhaps they could have goodies transferred down if they don't have what you're looking for in Portland.

    Hmmm, I wonder if your Twist is the same Twist we have in Eugene? Very cute glassware and unique jewelry, etc! How fun!
  8. Thanks for all your info, blugenie! I hope they do have some seasonal items, but if not I'm sure I can still find something to drool over!

    Not sure if it's the same Twist, but their online site is Great jewelry.
  9. I know this thread is old-but I didn't want to create a new one for the same question. I know Saks is now closed in Portland....does Nordstrom have a good selection of BV wallets? I am planning on checking out Mario's as well-I just emailed them to inquire if they had what I was looking for in stock.
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  11. I was in Portland last Christmas and Mario's hd a few peices but I don't recall seeing any BV at Nordstrom.
  12. I travel to PDX a lot for biz. Nordies PDX does not carry BV. Mario's PDX has a very small BV selection. Mario's Bridgeport Village (south of PDX) does not carry BV. Mario's Seattle has a larger BV collection. I bought my Fever Cervo Hobo at Mario's in Seattle a couple of years ago and had it shipped home to avoid sales tax. Nordie's Seattle also carries BV.