BV in patent leather??

  1. Not meaning to hijack Bunkies wonderful thread on BV's seasonal colours, I noticed that black patent was on the list for F/W 2007/08.:wtf:

    Does anyone know what styles this is due to come in, if it hasn't already hit the stores?? Any help will be appreciated.:tup:
  2. i know for sure it comes in the cabat!!! so nice!
  3. I'm so stupid! :upsidedown::rolleyes: I just looked through the BV catalogue and found the Vernice Clutch and accordian and a couple of other styles. Ho hum I though that they may do this style in the Veneta, Campana or Sloane. Now that would be cool :drool:
  4. I know the cabat comes in black patent and also camel patent.
  5. I may be wrong but I doubt that these models will come in patent. That`s because patent leather is much stiffer and therefore harder to weave. Therefore all of the patent bags besides the Cabat are non-woven. The Cabat is a large bag, so the stiffness evens out, but in smaller shapes, you`d be carrying a basket around!
  6. I've seen it in the medium at the BV store and it is very stiff, like a straw basket. It is also heavier that the regular one.
  7. I saw the black patent Cabat at the boutique and it was quite something. Not everyone could pull it off!!
  8. Thanks guys I didn't factor in the stiffness of the leather when considering the different BV styles. What C24 and Jane said make a lot of sense i.e it can make the bag look like a basket and not everyone can pull it off.
  9. Forgive me but my honest opinion is that patent black isn't really BV's style
  10. Here is the patent cabat in camel (I believe) at the boutique in Las Vegas. I didn't try it on so can't tell how heavy it was. Did have a stiff straw basket kind of look to it, but I still think the weaving looks nice.
  11. Yeah, but it's not as cuddly when you sleep with it!:winkiss:
  12. Nope, I would not dream of cuddling with this baby! Definitely not a pettable BV, and what's the point if you can't pet your bag?
  13. Mmmm Maybe Patent and BV aren't that great a combo after all!!!
  14. Hmmh, but the Camel Cabat looks definitely gorgeous! Maybe it could be used as a magazine holder instead of a bag or something in the direction of living room accessory.......
  15. C-24, you must have an amazing abode, if you'd consider a $5000 magazine holder -- party at your place!:yahoo: