BV in Macau? (HK prices are fantastic against Singapore $!)

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  1. Hi there,

    A quick question please. I'm going to Macau and am wondering if there are any BV boutiques there? If you do know of any, please let me have details so that I can give them a call to check on prices and stock.

    I made some calls to BV-HK today and am amazed at the $$-savings I get if I were to hop on to a ferry to HK. See the price comparison I've worked out based on current prices / ROEs:

    S$3650 in Singapore
    HK$15,980 (S$2836) in HK
    a savings of S$814

    New Pyramid
    S$3740 in Singapore
    HK$16,100 (S$2858) in HK
    a savings of S$882

    New Ball
    S$4310 in Singapore
    HK$18,680 (S$3316) in HK
    a savings of S$994

    Wow! I love the savings. :tup:... darn, forgot to ask about prices of the Asian Cabats in regular colours!

  2. Hello, unfortunately there are no BV boutique here in Macau. Hong Kong is still the best place to buy BV...
  3. Thank you, saves me from researching for a BV-Macau contact.

    BTW, I would take it that all the BV boutiques in HK are selling at same prices - all on controlled prices?

    Thanks again!
  4. I can't imagine the various BV boutiques in HK selling at different prices. HK prices are lower from the start plus there's no GST as well. So no difference if buying from the airport - unlike in Singapore, buying from Changi airport saves the 7% GST.

    Have a good trip and do report back your goodies!!
  5. Does BV-HK do shipping????
  6. mlbags, macau is just 45 minutes away by ferry... you can probably sneak away to HK for a little BV lovin'! (:
  7. mlbags, can you please check the cabat $$ in HK? I have to have one. Thanks!!!
  8. ^ I love your enthusiasm, godzilla!

    I can't wait for your haul of goodies, mlbags! Not with that kinda savings! :choochoo:
  9. On this, can someone please tell me which is the nearest BV boutique to the Macau ferry terminal in HK? If I were to go over to HK, it will be just a day trip so I need to save time and also I can't wait to get straight to BV instead of shopping around!!! ;)
  10. You're telling me!!! Cabats!
    I fell in love with the Platinum Ossidato Asian-size Cabat and am now seriously considering if I should plonk my $$$ for one.
    I hope the savings from buying in HK is substantial.

    Yes, does anyone know of the prices there? Pray, please tell :yes:
  11. if my memory serves me correctly, the BV at Harbour City is within walking distance from the terminal.
    It is about 20-30 mins walk depending on your speed, but the journey is nice coz the streets are filled with nice little shops which you can hop in and out.

    Have fun! and do let me know if there is anything I can help with HK.

  12. Kopibaby is right, make sure you take the Macau-Kowloon ferry (New World First Ferry) instead of the Macau-Hong Kong ferry (Turbojet).

    I think the walk to Harbour City is less than 5 minutes. Just a few buildings down the road.
  13. They do not ship the last time I've checked.

    You may need to have a friend pay and pick it up for you and ship it to you.

    For you gals living in Singapore, it is sometimes worthwhile to check prices in Jakarta, when I bought my Cabat last year, Jakarta's price was the best (among Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan), I believe it was USD200 less than Hong Kong with the exchange rate then.
  14. I love that one too!! YES!!! you should definitely get it, instead of deciding between a nero, ebano or noche cabat. :tup:
  15. mlbags, if I remember correctly, there should be 2 terminals from Macau to Hong Kong, one is near Central,Hong Kong Island and one in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Kowloon. Depends on which terminal you choose... the closest in TST is the Ocean Centre. Ocean Centre is within walking distance from the terminal.

    Hong Kong Island... I believe you can take the MTR to Central and the BV shop is in IFC Shopping Mall. That's all I remember!!