BV in London

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  1. We're on a short trip to Europe and today I visited the BV store on Bond Street in London. They were all so lovely and helpful. From the street, the shop looks small but inside it's quite large. They told me there are plans to build a larger store.

    I resisted the bags and bought a wallet and lanyard. On display (behind a locked display door) was an incredible Cabat. Grey Croc and it was gorgeous. I think he said it was 46,000 pounds (about $64,000).

  2. I'm drooling.. a grey croc cabat.... simply divine
  3. ITA, but I far prefer the quieter (and brighter) Sloane St store. I was served so nicely yesterday ( didn't buy anything) it's a much less rushed experience than Bond St. Harrods cons also have wonderful staff.