BV in Italy

  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm going to Rome in April and would love to purchase a BV while there. Will the price roughly translate to the same amount in American dollars?

    I'll try to remember to bring CASH because I heard a VAT refund on credit cards can take six months or literally forever, as in, you never get refunded!

    Many thanks.
  2. My DH just bought me a large veneta there.. the price is slightly cheaper than in US even without getting the VAT refund. But compare with price in bluefly, it's def cheaper in bf.
  3. European designer goods used to be a whole lot cheaper here than in the US, but with our Euro sky-rocketing, you really might end up better off on sites that offer a discount in the first place. It`s never been the case with BV, but when I checked prices of YSL bags, they were cheaper in the US given the exchange rate, especially during sale time!
  4. Bluefly is cheaper than in Europe because like Claus said the € is so strong in comparison to the $ that you probably won't save anything. The regular BV prices are about the same as in the US but you have much better sales than we here. Anyway it's a super nice souvenir to buy a BV bag on your rome trip so I'd say go for it.
  5. I was in the Rome store in November and they have a wonderful selection and yes, I did find the prices to be hugely cheaper - but I'm in Canada and our prices were pretty jacked up compared to the US, even though our dollars are now roughly even in value.