BV in damier?!

  1. Hope this isnt a stupid questions...still trying to learn about all the LV bags!!! :smile:

    Does the BV come in damier or damier azur?? i really want this bag!!! but i have the mono speedy and would love this bag in either damier or azur?!

  2. No , Not yet at least. Don't if it ever will.
  3. is this something i can special order...or do i have to be like a vip to special order something?!

    sorry im still so new to all this!
  4. Hi! You can contact any LV store to ask if they can special order a purse for you and then they'll let you know if it's possible. I think special orders are about 30% above the retail price but that also depends on the materials being used. There are some bags that LV won't special order. Again, contact them directly to ask your question and they'll let you know if it's possible and the time frame. The Batignolles line is around 2 years old or is it now 3 yrs, so maybe at this point, LV will allow a special order. If it turns out you can special order a BV, please let us know .....

    In 2004 I had special ordered a Damier Speedy 25. Then, of course, LV decided to release the Damier Speedy bags in 2006 to their regular Damier line. I had to put a 50% deposit down when I special ordered my bag.

    The new Neverfulls are suppose to be coming out in Damier in the fall although no one has seen an actual pic of it (I think). The Neverfull MM sort of looks like a BV when the leather ties are pulled up.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Nope, not available for SO yet...the SA was telling me that it needs to be at least 2 years after the release for SO consideration....:tdown:
  6. thanks!!! ill call and see what they say...the worst they can say is no!!

    hummm i will have to go and check out the neverfull...i was just at LV last week but didnt look around too much. I will have to go back and see it in real life!!!
  7. just called and they said NO :sad: she said they might not have it for SO because the hampstead just came out......oh gonna have to go look at the neverfull and the hampstead!!!
  8. 2 years will be this july :biggrin:
  9. :sad: i want a regular damier bag and i just dont know what style. i know i'd like one in a SO regular batignolles but if they won't do it i dunno what i want :confused1:
  10. Nope, it can't be SO'ed just yet since it's still a fairly new style. After 3 years you should be able to contact them to inquire about having one made. You can always contact them now though but they'll just tell you it's a newer style and can't be SO'ed yet. :yes:
  11. The neverfull in damier is super cute! There are pics in the confidential look book.
  12. Definitely consider the Hampstead -- I don't have one -- yet, but I must say it's a gorgeous bag!!
  13. thanks!!! i am definatly gonna go look at the neverfull and the hampstead...i think im leaning towards the neverfull though!!!