BV in Adios Star or Vacanze?

  1. hey, so I can't decide between the two prints..with Adios Star, i think it's a really cool print since i like skulls/pirates stuff and the fact that it's not as busy as the other prints and the characters really show, plus it's cheaper now hehe..and with Vacanze, i think it's a really cute print since christmas is my fave holiday..

    which one do you guys think would look best in a BV? thanks in advance:biggrin:
  2. I think AS is a great print for the BV style because you have a better chance of getting several characters on the bag. The whiteness of it terrifies me, though...I actually bought a gorgeous AS BV and ended up selling it because I was too afraid to take it out of the house. :lol:

    I won't know about Vacanze until I see it in person...

  3. yea hehe..the whiteness of it is a scary thought. actually, i haven't even use all of my bags yet cuz i'm too scared they'll get dirty lol:upsidedown:
  4. Adios Star has been growing on me too...and being on sale I thought about the same thing you did...but the white thing...I think I'll go for a Vacanze. I would love to have time to clean my house let alone magic eraser an Adios Star.
  5. hehe..the only problem i have with vacanze is the whole wintery-theme as mentioned before and how i might only be using it a couple of months a year *sigh* btw, congrats on ur spiaggia campeggio!
  6. Oh thanks!! Hehehehehe wow do I stand out here that much?:p
  7. if u want a everyday bag for the whole year go with the AS ;) i have a few bags in AS and i love them!
  8. I have a AS STellina and a AS MM on it's way in the mail. At first I did not like Adios Star, but now i love it! It's so beautiful with the b/w and the pop of color. Plus both my AS's has SANDY front and center.

    as for VACANZE...i love it to, but I'm going to get a dolce and only use it for christmas shopping or all the christmas parties. I think I need to see it irl to determine which i like better.
  9. I have some AS bags and they do get dirty if you use them frequently. But I like the print and it would be really nice on a BV! If you won't use it everyday, i think getting it dirty won't be a big problem.
    As for vacanze... it has always struck me as a seasonal print so I think an AS in BV would be a wiser choice,specially since you also mentioned that you think that some of the prints have a lot going on.
    So, as long as you get the characters you want on your AS BV then that would be a good choice!:tup:
  10. thank you everyone for your inputs!:tup: