BV, I'm coming out of the closet!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I joined tPF in Feb and have remained "lurking" in the BV section. I was first intrigued by BV when I was living in London for 6 months in 2003. I had an opportunity to travel all around Europe over my weekends and walked in to my first BV store in Rome and was, needless to say, awed! :nuts: The smell, the colors, the texture! Then....sigh....the price. :sad: Living expenses in London was astronomical, so my BV :heart: had to be from afar. At that time, I visited as many different BV's and would continue to appreciate them from afar.

    Now it's 2007, I'm a bit more flush with the finances and researching for my first BV is what introduced me to tPF! It's strange, but I've had no problem posting in the Balenciaga, LV and other categories, but I've been shy to post here. Maybe because I already own the others and BV has become such the Holy Grail for me.

    Also, with the onslaught of all of the BV on Bluefly, I was trying to figure out if they were truly selling the real deal at those prices! all seemed so fishy when they were selling pieces from current collections! Since it seems to be authentic, I am going to have to keep a closer eye on Bluefly!

    Then with Megs and Vlad going to Italy and returning home with BV goodies....AAGHHH...I can't take the dangling carrot any longer!! :cry: A Bottega Veneta WILL BE in my collection by the end of summer since I'll be on a mediterranean cruise in July! I don't think it's humanly possible for me to return from that trip w/o a BV this time around!! I welcome all enablers! ;)

    Anyways, that's my story, I **covet** a BV and I'm OUT AND I'M PROUD! :yahoo:

    Thank you for reading my post, have a wonderful weekend as I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day!! :smile:
  2. Welcome myindulgence! BV is in a unique class of it's own. How lucky you have had the experience to travel and live abroad-and now a mediterranean cruise!:tender: Ummm.. my crystal ball tells me that I definitely feel a Bottega in your future...:sneaky: yep, we are such bad enablers here!:devil:
  3. What a lovely post myindulgence :smile:

    I'm in a similar predicament - I don't own a BV yet..............but I know it's not far away :graucho:

    Which BV are you most drawn to? For me, I have narrowed it down to a Ball bag and/or a Sloane :graucho:
  4. I'm so happy to see new people who love BV. My first few bags were vintage off eBay plus a fake Veneta. Makes you want to learn more about them fast.

    A Mediterranean cruise plus BV---is there anything better?!:love:

    I hope we will see pics when both of you get your bags. I never get tired of admiring them.
  5. Welcome, girls! I got my first BV not even 2 months ago, and since then I've bought a BV pair of sunglasses and a bracelet. I'm in looove with BV stuff! What a fun addiction!!!:graucho:
  6. I love the idea of a cruise and a new bag-what could be better. I am so glad you came out of the closet and joined us other BV newbies.
  7. I didn't want to post either, not actually owning a BV. A friend of mine found me a vintage bag (which I am pretty sure is real due to the quality of the leather) at a thrift store for a whopping $7 and that gave the me ammo to speak up!

    I went to the store in SF, CA and tried on a bunch of different bags. I've settled on the Campana, as I love the way it opens and it seems more practical and user-friendly to me. I loved the Limo, but I think I am going to go for an Ebano.

    I'm giving it 6 mos, but I may cave early...
  8. I just looked through this thread and at least 4 of us are in Nor. Calif. We may have to have a BV get together when we have purchased our bags.
  9. Good idea!
    I now live in what I consider nor-nor-cal, but I get to the Bay Area pretty often.
  10. I didn't even known much about BV until about 5 mths ago - and now I love the brand. I have since bought a bag and wallet and hope to accumulate more over time.

    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  11. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Have fun here!!!
  12. Welcome to the BV subforum, myindulgence! I'm glad you finally came out and have plans for your first BV! But seeing that July is kinda far off, let's see if we can tempt you into getting a BV accessory before then. What wallet do you currently have? :graucho:

    How sweet would that be!!! :yes:
  13. I am newer to BV too but can see myself falling quickly for the products!!! Absolute stunning craftsmanship and leather... it is hard to resist. You just can not go wrong!

    I have some great goodies I got myself to finally post too!
  14. Hi myindulgence! Welcome onboard! I lusted after BV for a few years before deciding to bite the bullet with my first beauty 2-3 years ago. I'm sure you will really enjoy and treasure your first BV. I was in the store on Sloane St a few weeks ago with my first BV, a veneta in very very light brown (a bit lighter than noce, seasonal colour) and the SA said, look at you with your first ever BV! I then remembered how long I took to decide on it and how happy I was to finally own it. Quite sweet and slightly embarassing that the SA remembered. Anyways, I guess what I'm saying is that first cut is the deepest and once again glad you joined!
  15. Welcome myindulgence and Megs... to the Bottega addict!!! Once you start, you just couldn't and wouldn't stop. ;) And we're all great enablers here, so beware. :graucho:

    Please share pictures of your goodies in due time. But Megs, we're all by the edge of our seats. :popcorn: