BV hobo maxi question

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  1. Hi,
    I am debating between large and maxi hobo in ebano. This will probably be my last BV bag. I have a medium hobo (pastel colored) and a shopper in brown that's not ebano. I am worried because I am petite (5' 3-4'' sometimes plus an inch or two for shoes) and still a student, so maxi might eat me up... but since I already have a medium hobo, I don't want to get something similar in size. Maxi has a whole new look to it, while medium and large are almost proportionate. So, I'd, by all means, get a maxi if I weren't as small-framed. Mod shots of fellow BV fans' large and maxi would be very helpful. Also, do you think ebano is a good color? Please give your opinions! You can even tell me I should get neither. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi - I'm assuming that you are asking about the Veneta style? I know of some thin women who really rock the Maxi. The large works for me. Look through our BV in action thread and you should be able to find some pictures that help.
  3. Oh yes, precisely the veneta style!
    Could you comment on the weight of the maxi if you know?
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    I no longer have a Maxi, but it is not too different from a large. The Veneta is a nice lightweight style.

    Look at posts #6, #26, and #29 in this thread:
  5. Thanks, jburgh! So very helpful.
  6. Forgot to give you my opinion of Ebano. This is my favorite BV color. To me, it looks like a rich, smooth, silky, milk chocolate. Ebano is a neutral brown, and can be worn with so much.
  7. OK, there's a whole bunch of posts here that are 9999. Maybe you're stuck at 9999 forever! :weird:
  8. If this is any help to you, cbpower, I have the Large Veneta in the Ebano and I love it. I am about 5'4" and am rather petite in my frame.

    I debated between the medium and the large; while the medium I thought looked better on my frame, it wasn't quite big enough. The large, I thought would eat me up but once I put all my stuff in it and used it and it dropped nicely, it is perfect on me.

    If I went with the maxi, it would be too much bag for me. But, that being said it really does depend on how big you like your bags. Some petite people can pull off a large bag and look great carrying it.

    The Veneta is such a great, classic style.

    Hope I helped a little bit...
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    I think you really can't go wrong with a large or maxi veneta. As long as you buy a veneta you made the right choice IMHO.

    But I'll give you an example why I love my maxi (although I wouldn't mind if it was a little smaller). When I go to the gym I'll typically wear my Uggs to arrive but then take out my Zumba shoes for class. In my maxi I just toss a couple water bottles, shoes, umbrella - you name it and off I go!

    I can then throw it over a rain or winter coat with still plenty of room to spare in the drop. And something about the weight distribution but no matter how much I stuff inside it still feels lightweight. No digging, no aches. Incredible!

    Good luck and keep us posted with your decision!:smile:
  10. hey thanks all!
    lovebags2, would you be so kind to give an opinion on maxi for a person of my frame?
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    I"m happy to try and help.
    Hm.. this is a tough question but I"ll try my best for input:

    I've heard pros/cons both ways from ladies who rock their maxi's and are petite. I think it makes an even stronger fashion statement on those that are smaller. I happen to absolutely LOVE that look but I also enjoy large bags since I have kids and always need to pack that extra sweater or umbrella.

    I"m 5'7 size 10 and think my maxi looks great on but if I were your size I think I might be more inclined to first try the large and then the maxi. You might just get the "maxi" look by wearing the large. And if you don't require extra room like I do then why not try the large initially. Plus you'd save a little too.:smile:

    Maybe tell me a little more about what you'd like to use it for (casual/work) and what you like to carry inside? I think you mentioned you're a student and I can tell you this would've been THE bag toting around while I attended grad school. Instead I wore those ugly back packs. Wish I knew BV world back then. lol

    Feel free to PM me too anytime if you think of more specific questions.... I know what it's like trying to make a BV choice. Not easy!
  12. ^lol at the grad school comment. I'm a master's student and am really wanting to get a maxi veneta; like the OP, I'm also about 5'3" and petite. It'll be the perfect bag!

  13. I couldn't agree with you more! When I was studying for my MA I struggled for years with those ugly bags. If I only knew about the maxi. It could've handled all my notebooks and files with such ease all while looking simply chic!!!
  14. Hi

    I don't know if this helps but I have both the maxi size and the large size in Veneta. I have to say that I prefer the large size. I am 5' 9 and a 1/2 and I still find the maxi very large on me. My bag is still very new though so it could be that once it "sags" more with age it will look better.

    Ebano is a beautiful colour and one I find that works for both winter and summer.

    Hope this helps. With veneta though you really can't go wrong!