BV HOBO... Good investment??

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  1. So i'm really on the cusp on purchasing a new Bottega Veneta classic hobo in lg./blk.

    I want a bag I can use for years and years.
    I want a bag that has status and class, but no logo's.
    I want a well made bag.

    This would be big purchase for me, and I just want a little reasurrance that the BV Veneta hobo is a good choice.

    Thank you. :flowers:
  2. Oh, yes - I don't think you can wrong with this purchase. So understated and great quality. Doesn't scream designer but looks and feels so luxurious! It is on my wish list! Congrats - please post pics when you get it!
  3. I definitely think this is an excellent purchase.
    The leather is incredibly soft, definitely qualifies for the "status and class" (see the thread "Times Article on BV" or some variation on that name) and the BV bags don't go out of style.
    You'll always need a casual chic bag, and the BV hobo qualifys.

    Does the bag make you happy?
  4. The word "icon" is overused, but that's what it is. It IS a major investment, but it reflects quality leather, hands-on craftsmanship, and timeless style. If I could have only one Bottega Veneta, that would be the one.
  5. Okay - i'm feeling better. My other bags are:

    * Balenciaga (3 of them)
    * Chanel 2.55 caviar flap bag. Small evening bag for me
    * MJ classic retro black frame bag. (beautiful yet dressy)

    I tried Chloe, I tried YSL, I tried Gerard Darel -- none of the worked out for me, either too heavy or too akward. So i'm down the the Balenciaga's, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

    Would a Classic Veneta Hobo fill the gap in my collection?
  6. Your collection includes some of the most classic bags; as vintage Leather said, the BV woven hobo IS "classic chic". It will last a long time, is understated and won't go out of style. since it has a minimum of hardware, it's not heavy for it's size. The design of the strap is wide enough to sit nicely on the shoulder. Everyone is different, but I never have problems with it slipping off like I do with some other bags. You already have a stunning collection--the BV hobo will make it even nicer.

    Best wishes in your decision-making!
  7. Can't go wrong. Your hobo will get better with age and will round out your collection. Buy it and watch the compliments come your way!
  8. I think you will like the bag . . . the leather is scrumptous. To me it is a bag that transcends fashion trends and can look both edgy or traditional. I carry alot of designers incl BV, Chloe, LV, Chanel. The hobo is light like the Baleciagas and it has been around for ages and is a classic bag. I have BV bags more seasonal pieces that are more constructed bags but I love the look of the BV hobos - I see them around alot and they always look great! It has been around for a long time but always looks modern and chic. And it is a bag I see women carrying of all ages . . . you can wear it for life . . . like a Chanel classic flap . . .
  9. Go for it! There's a reason this bag has been around for 30+ years, right?
  10. the veneta bag is definitely the way to go if you want the calssic BV look that will be around for years to come. i invested in my very first one in December 2006 and get so many compliments and i'm loving that it has no logos on it and yet you know it's a BV classic.

  11. We have really similar taste. I have four Balenciagas (city, first, work, and purse), a Chloe Silverado Hobo, and a Chanel 2.55 caviar flap in the size just below the jumbo. Now I'm mulling over the Veneta Hobo but I'm not quite ready to spend the money and I can't decide whether it should be black or brown. But the good thing is the fact that it is a classic so I can take my time deciding...The Chloe Silverado by the way is very light and the hobo has a shoulder strap which is a must for me.
  12. ^^I'm leaning towards black, although there was the most beautiful brown i've ever seen last time I checked the BV hobo's out.

    This would (will) be my last purse purchase for a long time - so I want to make sure it really works for me. The women that I see carrying BV bags where I live (D.C.) are often very casual chic - a look that I admire.

    My main concern is if it would be large enough (as funny as that sounds) the Large Hobo was actually smaller than I thought it would be. I guess it's around the size of my Balenciaga City bags - so that should work.

    I'll report back later this week!!!
  13. I saw the black one again tonight. I may give in to temptation!!!!
  14. ^^We could be BV sisters!
  15. I really love these yummy. These bags are very well made!
    Keep us posted. I am so tempted!!!