BV Hawaii Excl. Almature Credit Card Case

  1. Thanks so much to Olympia for showing hers! I just received the Bottega Veneta Credit Card Case in the exclusive Hawaiian color called almature. I have it pictured with a picture they sent me of the Veneta in the same color. Shipping to the States was ultraquick for $25.00. If you are interested I ordered it from BV Honolulu, 808 946 0100. SA was Masago.
    bv almature1.jpg bv credit card case.jpg
  2. That colour is to die for!!! Wish there was some way to get it to Europe but I suppose shipping would probably twice the price of the case!
  3. Love love love this colour so much!! Congrats and thanks for sharing, ReRe!! It must be even more stunning IRL!!
    haaaaah, I wish, I wish...:girlsigh:
  4. ^^I'm with you Claus! I'm loving this colour, it remind me of the Chanel metallic dark silver....
    2.55 003.jpg
  5. I love the color, but sadly I also saw lots of fakes in this color too.... It make me sick looking at it...
  6. I saw this color at BV Maui. It's really different. Love your key case!
  7. I love the colour, especially on the Veneta!! Wow!! Thanks for posting the pictures!
  8. I took a photo of this medium Veneta in the Maui BV store. The next day it was already sold. Is this the same color? It's really an eye-catcher in person.
    Maui Purse.jpg
  9. Wow!
  10. Very beautiful color.
  11. It's a beautiful colour. Is it a pewter tone or more silvery? It's hard to see exactly from the pics but it's very very very tempting to snap her up!
  12. Ps. RERE

    Your new purchase is gorgeous!
  13. wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    what a beautiful color. Congratz~
  14. ReRe, the color is stunning! Enjoy your new purchase.

    BTW, how much is that Almature Veneta and what size is it?
  15. ReRe - glad you love your new almature purchase! It is such a gorgeous color!

    VKD - I find the color to be more towards the pewter. I find ReRe's 2nd pic more to the true color. Combined with the gunmetel hardware....whew! Stunning!

    uclaboi - I believe the veneta was the same price as regular venetas. I am quite sure the SA told me the med. was $1490, same as the classic colors. I would assume the lg would follow suit. (It is available in both med. and lg. veneta)