BV - Green

  1. Hi Fellow BV Lovers

    Has ANYONE bought a green bag from this season. I thought I would have got rid of my cravings for green with my new Carmino veneta but sadly I'm still hankering after it. I think I might have to have therapy for a BV addiction!

    V :nuts:
  2. I have not but I did see the most beautiful green croc campana at the NYC BV store on Saturday :heart:
  3. I saw one of the new green bags (not sure of the style name) at Saks last weekend. It really was gorgeous!
  4. :nuts::nuts::nuts:Green croc campana!! OMG, here's my credit card, ship it to me fast! Mystilleto, was it a dark forest green croc :heart: or trifoglio/azzardo type green? And will NY BV ship? I will have to call Ana the online shopper. OMG I can't afford a croc bag but I would do almost anything if this is a forest green croc campana!!!!

    Ahem, sorry VKD for the temporary loss of control on my part. That's what happens when I hear croc and BV. For the record, BV makes a beautiful green campana, and I'm fairly sure I saw a green veneta in Las Vegas. Hope this helps!
  5. i didnt buy yet i saw! and drooled!! :drool: its a down to earth lovely green indeed and one would be so unique to carry it this winter with shades of natural colors oh wow..!!
    plz book me with u in the therapy session!! :roflmfao:

  6. OB it was a beautiful classy green that's a little lighter/brighter than forest green. :heart: Call the BV store and ask for photos. It was on their wall of display bags when you first walk into the store towards the lower right. I wanted to get a closer look but my SO was rushing me out the door. :push: They will definitely ship but be sure to ask for photos first to help you decide (and post them for us to drool:drool:). I will take a closer look next time I visit in about 2 weeks. They won't let me take pictures though (my SO had a camera and they said no photography :sad:).
  7. BV and Crocodile in the same sentence. It sounds beautiful!!!! Divine in fact. I can't imagine how much a crocodile bag must cost though. Please post pics so we can all drool!!!

  8. Look what's on Bluefly: Green Roma Tote

    I saw this nappa umbria shade on another bag IRL and it was a really soft, wonderful green!
  9. Crocodile campana in medium is $11,500 USD. A bit out of my league, but something to shoot for in the future. Comes each season in nero, ebano, and noce, plus one seasonal color. No pics yet, but will ask.