BV Ginza --- sorry, rather long and no pics…

  1. Last month I went to Tokyo on business and had a chance to go to Ginza a few times. The first place that I went to? was of course the BV Ginza boutique!

    I went there on early Saturday morning, so it wasn’t crowded at all. They had this beautiful display of red and black purses on the entire first floor. It was so strikingly beautiful but made me a bit concerned as I was looking for something ebano or green. I asked an SA if they have other colours, he said “Oh all the other colours are on the second floor”.:nuts:

    And they were. They had so much! I got to try on all the different purses and once again love love loved the campana. I was about to say “I’ll take this,” but checked the price tag just in case. It said “260,000 yen” which is about $2,400!! Yes, it’s 5% tax inclusive, but it’s around $2,000 even with 6-9% tax in the US… Call me cheap, but with $400, I can get a small accessory.:hysteric: Besides, the prices of other classic bags like the veneta or even the new ball were about the same price as the US$ equivalent. I don’t know, maybe the campana is so popular that they added a little premium?

    I left the boutique empty-handed. I really wanted to get myself a new purse that day so walked around Ginza contemplating if it’s worth paying that extra. Then I popped in the boutique of my other love and found the special order piece that I had wanted for long. The price was right, so I got it as my Ginza memoire purse.

    So once again I did not get my first BV, but was really happy with the experience.:yes: Their customer service was just fantastic and now I know that the campana is the one for me, really. (and I'll get the funds from the overtime during this trip.;))

    Side note; an interesting phenomenon in Tokyo was that the intrecciato seemed totally “in” there and every single store that carries purses had “BV-like” purses. Some are obviously cheap and others are really well made with very nice leather. They are not selling them as “fake” BVs as you’d see in NYC and such. First I was not quite sure what to make of it, then found it very Japanese, knowing the culture and that they will all disappear once it’s not “in” any more.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd love to visit Tokyo and shop/eat :yes: I love the campana too and hope it will be my next BV bag. Did they have the campana in red (carmino)? I know sometimes Asia has special items that are not available in the US. Be sure to share your other purse in the other thread for non-BV buys! :tup:
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. There really is nothing like visiting a BV store and being surrounded by all of those amazing bags!
  4. Mid-, that`s what I love about BV, they will always make you feel special, no matter where you are and no matter if tourist or not, if only browsing or not.

    Congrats for getting a nice bag as a souvenir and even if you didn`t get your BV once more, I know the perfect one for a good price will come along soon!

    BTW, I would so love to go to Tokyo one day!
  5. Mid-I am so glad you enjoy your trip to Japan, fascinating place isn't it?

    congratz on your new LV purchase, maybe you can post pics in the thread regarding new purchases! And no rush, I am sure your first BV will come to you soon.
  6. Mid- , sounds like you had a good time at Ginza. I would love to see that flagship store one day. Yup, the prices there are not cheap at all. That's why Japanese tourists come here to buy luxury goods.
  7. C_24, I totally agree with this! Just about every time I've gone to a BV store, the SA's made me feel especially welcome.

    Mid-, congratulations on your new lvoe! ;) Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been to Japan but never Ginza. Would love to visit one day.
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, they are so much more expensive in Asia. One more thing to be thankful for - that BVs are cheaper here than in Asia!!
  9. I'm glad you found out the campana is what works for you and that your experience there was a positive one. Congrats, on your new Damier bag too!
  10. Hey Mid, thanks for sharing the experience. I was in Tokyo late June but unfortunately I did not have enough time to pop by BV Ginza (plus I was kinda lost and couldn't locate it, my first trip to Tokyo). I did go to the Omotesando one. And it was lovely. Due to the exchange rate, the pricing was about the same as Singapore. I was looking for shoes then but alas they did not carry many styles and were also out of my sizes. I actually took some pics I prob should share. Will do so when I get home tonight.

    I noted the same phenomenon about the woven bags too and I think I also mentioned it here in the forum when I reported about my trip. It was everywhere. A year ago when I was in Kyoto, it was the craze of the basket bags.
  11. Looks like you had fun in Japan Mid-.

    Good to hear about your visit to the BV store in Ginza too. I understand how you feel about the BV prices there. I feel that all the time while I am here in Manila (on the other hand there is no BV shop in Melbourne). The prices here are way, way up there...I can't wait to go to HongKong sometime later this month to check out the BV shops there (and perhaps make an pit stop to an H shop as well).

    Good thing is there's always the back up plan right? and for you it's LV! pics please....

    I'm also positive there's a campana out there with your name on it...and it's waiting for you too!:smile:
  12. Wow, I cannot imagine the bliss of being surrounded by a whole FLOOR of nero and carmino bags!! And the concept of a second floor ~ pure BV heaven! I have only been to the Las Vegas boutique so your experience sounds wonderful. Sorry you did not come away with a campana but so glad DID get a prize and now know the BV you must have!
  13. I've only seen the pics of the Ginza store (which looks so awesome!), and I can only dream of how it must feel to actually be inside it! :tender:

    I'm dying to go to Japan! I think I will go completely broke once there though... BUT STILL!!! The bf's suggested a hol (he lived there for a bit), but what with our plans in 2008, there's just no way I could afford it :crybaby:

    Don't worry about not getting your Campana, Mid- It's just a matter of time! And all the more time for you to lust and drool over more BV bags! :p
  14. Don't think we didnt see that, Nymph. Out with it, a wedding plan???
  15. thanks for sharing dear!! i read your post.. and i enjoyed it so much specially when u went up to the second floor where all the rest of colors were :graucho:
    plz pretty plz share ur LV!! :nuts: