BV flap satchel ... thoughts?

  1. I know I said I was going to wait until Vegas but this seems like too good of a deal to pass up...I've never heard anyone write about this purse but it looks really nice and I think it would be perfect for work. Please let me know what you think - they claim MSRP is $2500 and is now on sale for $999 (with my $300 credit it is less than $700!)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have seen this IRL and it's a really nice bag - but if I recall correctly, is a very tight fit if you want to wear it as a shoulder bag and it probably wouldn't work as a shoulder bag with a winter coat on. But that price is pretty amazing!
  3. It looks like a nice work bag and would look good carried in the crook of your arm if it doesn't fit on your shoulder.
  4. I think you should get it, if you dont love it IRL, you can always send it back!
  5. Sand- I agree with the other posters but I do want to add another point; if you are using the bag for work, would it bother you that it may not be comfortable on your shoulder? This may be a moot point, because it's really cute and seems to be a steal, but it could get annoying to hold, something that I have experienced recently. If you can deal with that, I say you buy it and try it out...At least, you'll have a really great weekend bag! Good luck with your decision!
  6. sand-haven't seen it irl but it is a great price. however i think $700. is still real money so only get it if you love it.
  7. Just wanted to give an update on what I decided...I didn't order from Overstock, choosing instead to wait for Vegas. First day we took a stroll into the BV store itself and I was leaning towards the new ball bag in yellow (moutarde?) but was going to mull it over for a day or two before making the plunge, in part because I didn't want my shopping experience to end on the 1st day but also because I believed by my first ever BV should be a more neutral color.

    We made our way into the Forum shops where I spotted some BV on the shelves of Corsa Collection and jumped in. Turns out they had just put out several BV bags on the sale table a couple of hours earlier. Prices were amazing - 50% off. I ended up buying a black flap woven bag (like boxermom's former avator) for $965!!! I was thrilled. With the savings, we went back to BV and I bought a continental wallet in carmino red - absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Although I love the new ball in yellow, I'm sure I'll get more use out of the black bag. Besides, I'm now hooked. I'm hopeful that the new ball in yellow will be available when BV has their next sale.
  8. Hey, congrats! It's always nice to get something you love on sale. Please post pics when you have a chance!
  9. That's a fantastic price on that bag! I paid full price for mine (hadn't even heard of Bluefly back then). It's such a classic style and the Nappa is so soft.

  10. I have a flap also--I loved Boxermom's avatar and she helped me firgure out the name of the bag! It's such a simple but wonderful bag--I hope you'll enjoy it!