BV Flap Satchel - Bluefly

  1. I was eyeing this style, too! I've been telling myself that getting in and out of it would be a pain, and just to pass it by. All the colours they have listed look nice, which is really annoying. My Amex needs a looong rest.
  2. it's hard to get past the yummy colors (limo, OP), but like bete noir, i avoid double handled bags with a flap closure -- very inconvenient. still, a nice looking bag.
  3. ITA! :yes: I love Limo & OP but I wouldn't go with a flap either.
  4. Very nice, but it's still $1600+
  5. It is beautiful though!
  6. I love the shape of the bag, but I agree it seems somewhat cumbersome to open/close.
  7. Nice bag....if only i have more $$ to own this too! sigh~
  8. Does anyone own this bag? What is the interior like? I'd love to see more pictures, if possible. Thanks.
  9. Oh well, no one has responded but that's okay because I bought one anyway! The Bluefly images kept haunting me, and I found that it went on sale; on top of that, I also used my 10% off code. I bought it in Old Petra, my favorite BV color. This will be my second OP bag, but who cares. When it arrives I'll give info on the interior and whether the bag is a PITA to carry or not. I figured that it might not be such a pain to open and close since the flap is short. I believe it's made of Nappa Umbria (found the pic and info in the S/S '07 catalog), which I prefer over regular Nappa. Pics below taken from Bluefly website.
  10. Modelling pics please! It's a beautiful bag - congrats!
  11. I think it looks stunning in old petra. I've never seen that style until now so I can't wait for modelling pics.

  12. Yay! Congrats, 24, Faubourg! :yahoo:Please, please, please post pics when you get the bag!
  13. Congrats, 24! I can`t wait to see pics! I prefer Nappa Umbria, too, and OP is just one of the most fabulous seasonal colors of BV!
  14. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the pics, it looks like a stunning bag :smile: